Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rock the Canyon Challenge (Day 2 - July 26, 2015)

If I wanted to type it all out again, this post would basically be a repeat of the previous post with a few exceptions. So if you haven't already, please read

I did sleep in a little bit longer - just 5 minutes - and even got to the high school later as well. This time I had to wait on a bus and was beginning to get worried that we would be late. Not everyone in the line made it on this bus so that was a bit of a relief; I was pretty sure that they wouldn't start knowing that not everyone had been picked up yet.

It was a warmer start than it was yesterday.
I missed the Half Fanatics photo this time but that was okay. But I think the view this morning was even more amazing that yesterday's. 

Our Runner's Handbook stated that 26 states were represented at this race as well as Canada and Barbados. I think there was only one other person there from Indiana. The youngest runner is 12; the oldest is 75.
He's back carrying the flag on the second day as well.

Not surprisingly, the course - even though it was exactly the same - felt more difficult on this second day. Especially mile 5, I didn't remember it being so steep yesterday! Oddly enough though I finished slightly faster than yesterday. That means my picture stops really slowed me down yesterday.

Saturday's and Sunday's finishers medal were exactly the same except the ribbon was a different color and date specific. But the challenge medal was larger and very nice. 146 Runners were scheduled to complete both half marathons and get the Rock The Canyon Medal.
The post race goodies were exactly the same as yesterday but on the bus ride back some of us did some swapping of items. Very fitting since we were on school buses and that seems like something you would do with your school lunch.

Thankfully the hotel allowed for a late checkout. I actually had until 2:00PM but I was on the road by 1:00PM. 
Are you ready for this? I only stopped THREE TIMES on the way home. 

There was a terrible downpour about half way into Ohio. Many people were pulling off on the side of the road but I merely slowed down to a safer speed and kept moving. I had to be at work on Monday so I didn't want to get in any later than I already would. 

I was home by 11:00PM.

Final thoughts on this race:
  • Obviously it was very challenging for me. I haven't been training and there are no hills (of which to speak) where I live in Indiana so those things kicked my butt.
  • Aid stations were every two miles. I'm glad I kept a water bottle with me and I refilled whenever I needed to. That was critical on Day 2 when it was warmer.
  • I thought the communication from start (when I registered) to finish (packet pickup) was really good.
  • I would definitely recommend this race to someone that wanted a scenic course and a challenge!
Completing this was State #18 for me. As well as #5 & #6 of 2015 and #75 & #76 Lifetime.

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