Saturday, September 19, 2015

(April 18, 2015) The Carmel Half Marathon

The Carmel Half Marathon took place on April 18th and I really don't remember THAT much about it so, this will be a lot of pictures!
FRIDAY, APRIL 17th: Well, I guess one positive about my job is that I was only 10 minutes from this Expo and was able to go on my lunch. Not many people were there at this time so I was in and out.

My motto!
I had a dinner to attend with my husband Friday night so I went BYOG to it - Bring Your Own Gatorade! And we were at Table 13. If I'd had chalk or could have found it there, I would have put a "point one" (.1) at the end of it!
SATURDAY, APRIL 18th: Unlike last year, I knew exactly where to park and even got there in time for the Half Fanatics picture. We were also celebrating A.L.'s 100th Half Marathon.
It is always the most fun when D.M. is in town for your race.
I remember that before the start of the race, A.L. and I really needed to pee but the lines to the porta-potty were super long. So we walked a little south of where everyone was and each found a tree/shrub area that would "mostly" conceal us and took care of our business. You know you've been doing a lot of running events when that situation is NOT a situation anymore!

This race had a contest with identifying Fat Heads/Big Heads along the course. I think I found all of them on the Half Marathon side but I never did find out what we were supposed to do with them afterward.

THIS is always a welcomed sign to see:
And I love it when I see an "original" sign on the course. People, enough with the "Worst Parade Ever" signs!
And I don't know this girl but she was fun to see on the home stretch:
I really don't remember much else about this race. I ran it last year and while the areas under construction were slightly different, everything else was the same. Although it felt a little tougher. It was a cool start but it warmed up fast. I started to not feel around mile 2 (stomach cramps, like I wanted to vomit) but worked through it until mile 5 and then I was zapped again.

After finishing, I found where A.L. and her family were celebrating her 100th and took some pictures for her.
While some of us were celecbrating with A.L., here comes Dave, just being Dave - crossing the finish line with an ice cream cone. And of course he stopped and we took a group selfie!

  • Most people really love it. I'm not sure why I don't.
  • But it is on the schedule for me to do in 2016, maybe 3rd time will be the charm
  • This was the 5th anniversary of the race and there was talk about the incredible medals but I didn't find them all that incredible. It was good but nothing to write home about...but then again, I am a medal snob!

Lifetime Half Marathon #72 and the second one of 2015.

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