Thursday, September 24, 2015

May 2015 - What I Did / From What I Can Remember

I'm the out-of-towner in the Brunch Bunch - they all still live in my hometown - but everyone thought it would be fun to come to my house for our May gathering. Since we were so close to Cinco de Mayo (Brunch actually took place on the 3rd), I named it Senorita Sunday. 
I think fun was had by all and we did a lot of reminiscing and laughing.

On May 16th, it was time for another half marathon that I hadn't trained for. This would be the 3rd consecutive year that I participated in the Seymour Half Marathon. You can read more about that here:

My Mom moved. Its a shame that this had to happen: she lived in a really nice apartment complex but we could no longer afford it. Technically we never REALLY could afford her old apartment but we made it work. I certainly couldn't have done this without the help of my brother K. As usual he's does his fair share and then some. We'd all be lost without him. But man, this was a month long (and then some) project! I don't know if it was better that we were able to "take our time" at the old place or if we would have made better decision if we'd been under the gun. I was over there at least one day every weekend in April/May. But again, it was nothing compared to what K did. Although it ended up costing more than the initial quote, I'm certainly glad we hired a moving company instead of us trying to schlep all that furniture into the new place.

File this under "First Time Ever", on May 23rd I did a legit Trail Run (the Indiana Women's Trail Run Half Marathon) and surprisingly I didn't hate it. You can read more about that here: And if it works out, I might even signup next year. Once again, I had not trained unless you consider the half marathon the weekend before a training run! 

Then later in the afternoon after the trial race, I went to a 50th birthday party for my friend MKH. She lives in Florida now but her family had a celebration for her here in Indy. It was great seeing her and some of the other ladies I used to work with. 

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