Friday, September 18, 2015

February 2015 - What I Did / From What I Can Remember

Since I had fallen off the Blogging bandwagon for awhile, I'm going to try and do a "month recap" and just hit the highlights. (and I've already gotten some things out of order but...)

So...let's see how good my memory is.

The first big thing was that I turned 50! Yep, #FiftyAndFabulous

There was no big "to do" with a party or anything but my husband did bake me a cake. I was able to take pictures of the beginning stages of it but the rest would have to wait until the night of my birthday for the BIG REVEAL!

Since I hadn't started my new job yet, my friend P.G. took me to Starbucks for some birthday coffee (and gossip). 
And my friend SJ(C)P, brought me chocolate covered strawberries! She wasn't pleased with how they "looked" but they sure were tasty. Pay no attention to the 2 that are missing. Taste first and then remember to take a picture!
The hubs and I went out to dinner and then it was time for the CAKE. I told him (many months prior) that I wanted sparklers on my cake. He found this super fun candle; close enough. As it opened up, it would spin and play Happy Birthday.

Take 1 - we went outside because we didn't want anything "unexpected" to happen in the house. But it was a little windy and he lit the wick too far down in the center so it didn't spin but still played Happy Birthday.

Take 2 - we moved into the garage and reenacted it!
Take 3 - maybe the lighting is better inside! Good thing this candle came in a package of 4.
I'm not bothered by turning 50; its just a number.

I had fallen out of the Brunch Bunch club for a while but my fabulous friends brought me back in and during the February meeting, we had the chance to get a 20 minute massage. The girls chipped in and bought mine for me as a birthday gift. I seriously have some of the best girlfriends ever. And all of us have known each other since Junior High (NKA as Middle School) and a few of us since Elementary School.
I also started a new job. I'd like to say that I love it but - here we are 7 months into it - and I don't. Under normal circumstances, I would have never accepted it. Heck, I never would have even interviewed. But I'd been out of work for 6 months (I was downsized from my previous job) and my dog had just passed away from cancer. So I said yes. It was okay as first - aside from the fact that it is a ONE HOUR DRIVE ONE WAY - but the "honeymoon" was over after about 5 weeks. The drive has gotten worse because they are completely re configuring the roads up in this town so I'm trying to find something else. But I need to be smart about it and not jump into something else that I really didn't want to do in the first place. At least most of my coworkers have been great. My initial boss here turned out to be a total jackwagon but I've since switched departments and this new supervisor is better...but I had to take a pay cut.  Okay, enough about all THAT drama.

With my husband's job, he is on several boards and whatnot so we often attend random dinners/fundraisers/etc. This month it was the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Annual Auction & Dinner.  One of the people sitting at our table was a girl I worked with when I first moved to Indianapolis back in 1991. I didn't recognize her at first but she did me. I didn't even know that she worked where my husband does but she's on the retail side so he doesn't "interact" with that area much. I won this crazy - TRAGIC t-shirt (Hot Barbie? Really? It was from some local restaurant) and we also won/were the highest bidders of a balloon ride during the silent auction. I can't wait to go on that!
Two of my other friends (and Brunch Bunch members) also turned 50 in February and they had surprise birthday parties thrown for them.

First it was the Queen B:

 Then it was Mins turn:

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