Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dayton River Corridor Classic – Race Recap

October 12, 2014


I added this event to my calendar once I was informed that Rock ‘n’ Roll Cleveland had been cancelled.  While I would have gotten bonus medals at the Cleveland event, I wasn’t looking forward to driving 5+ hours and needing a hotel room so this was a good option.  I was able to drive over THAT morning and since the race didn’t start until 9:00AM, I didn’t have to get up crazy early.  Mapquest estimated that it would be a 2 hour and 24 minute drive to Moraine, OH where this race was taking place so I planned on leaving my house 3 hours prior to allow for bathroom stop(s) and construction.  I was able to mail in my registration so the total cost was $50.00.  This event offered the half marathon as well as a 10K. 

I set my alarm for 4:30AM and as planned I was out the door by 6:00AM.  I needed to top off the gas tank and fill up my water bottle so a quick stop at my local Ricker’s was the first order of business.  I really wanted to get my usual coffee but wasn’t sure how that would play into the day so I passed.

There was a little bit of construction on I-70 but at THAT hour - with not much traffic - it didn’t really factor in.  As predicted, I had to make a bathroom stop about 1 1/2 hours into my drive.  I arrived at the Payne Recreation Center around 8:10AM.  I guess I made good time even WITH that bathroom stop.  Walked in to the Rec Center, got my bib and race shirt, changed into the shirt, took a few pictures and then went back out to the car for a bit.


I had layered a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeved one so it was easy to switch out my top shirt to their event shirt.

While sitting in my car, I think I missed the fly-over!007

Back in the Rec center for one last bathroom stop and then it was time to go to the start/finish area.


The weather was almost perfect for a day of running.008


Mr. Incredible showed up to do the half!020021

The National Anthem was sung and then it was time to go.


I was told prior that there wasn’t too much to look at along the course but I kept my phone in my hand during the “out” and put it away as we headed back in.  I noticed the 13 Mile Marker sign before the race since it was by the Rec Center and thought it was funny that the runner looked like they had gone 13 miles so I was curious to see if they changed as the race went on.  Yep.  Miles 1 & 2 show runners looking fresh and happy but miles 12 & 13 show them sweating.  And they alternated between a female runner and a male runner.  I meant to get a shot of the 6 Mile Marker to see what the middle of the race runner looked like but forgot.  These were GREAT mile markers.


Some scenes from along the course.  A few of these I went back and got later.


There were a few rolling hills on this course and I did walk up them a time or two.  I’m finding myself walking a lot more lately.  I will admit that am tired both physically and mentally.

I only remember having one girl that I was chasing during this race and thankfully I did finish before her.  Once again I also had the opportunity to run up to the very last participant and give her a HIGH 5 and some encouragement.  She was still going out as I was coming back in. 

After the race, there was a pancake breakfast for all the participants so I stayed for that.  The pancake maker would not let you walk up and get your pancakes, he insisted on flipping them to you.  Fun yet odd.  There were a lot of pancakes on the ground.

041042045Look at all those pancakes on the ground!048

I was a little chilled so I took mine to my car to eat.  Plus I had skim & chocolate milk in the cooler waiting for me.  But while walking back to the car – since no one was coming in – I asked someone to take a finishers picture of me.


After eating I went back in to the Rec Center and put on dry clothes.  I could have taken a shower but just getting out of my sweaty running stuff was good enough.

On my way out of town I stopped and took a few more pictures. 049060062054

I had gone 60 half marathons and never gotten a short sleeved red tech shirt.  This race was the second in a row to do so. Funny.

zShirt, Medal & Bib (1)

I would recommend this race but doubt that I will do it again.


You're welcome Ohio but I think we are done for 2014.068

“Off Road” Adventures

October 6, 2014

On the drive over to St Louis, MO/Alton, IL we passed signs for the World’s Largest Golf Tee.  We agreed that if my husband wasn't too tired after his Half Ironman weekend, we would stop on our return home. 

After all, we stopped and saw the World’s Largest Wind Chime on the way back from his nephew’s high school graduation in 2013.

Wind chime 2(edited)

I happened to be driving as we approached exit 179 for Casey, IL on Interstate 70  so “off road” we went.  And just like last time, directional signage to get to this attractions is not easily found.  But eventually we found our way to the Casey Country Club.  From a distance. the golf tee didn’t look that big but once we parked, got out of the car and walked toward it…it was HUGE!  And then once my husband stood next to it, the perspective was amazing.

2014, 10-05 (1)2014, 10-05 (2)2014, 10-05 (6)

We walked through the Club House and the lady in there told us the stories behind how Casey, IL became the home to these “World’s Largest” items.  You can read more about them HERE.  She then told us about the Knitting Needles, Crotchet Hook and the World’s Largest Rocking Chair they are in the process of building.  So we decided to drive through their downtown and check out these other items.

This will be directly across from the Wind Chimes.2014, 10-05 (7)

Sadly the Yarn Studio is closed on Mondays so we couldn’t go in.2014, 10-05 (8)2014, 10-05 (9)2014, 10-05 (10)

We were told that they are planning on constructing the World’s Largest Pitchfork, Barber Pole and a golf ball to put on top of the tee. 

I definitely see a road trip back to Casey, IL.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

East vs. West – Boarder Wars Half Ironman

October 5, 2014

logo 2

This was the inaugural year for this event and it fit right in with my husband’s Ironman training program.  You can read the specifics about the event HERE.

Aside from his first full Ironman, this was the only other time he had to check his bike the night before.  It is also the only triathlon that we’ve been part of where T1 and T2 were in separate places.

Since we were staying close to where the event would finish, we were able to “sleep in” until 5:30AM.  It was a chilly morning but thankfully the wind was not gusty like it was on Saturday.

2014, 10-5 (1)

We got to the Finish Line/T2 area within 10 minutes.  He went over and set up T2, got his body marking done and then we went back to the truck to stay warm until it was closer to the time for him to get on the athletes shuttle.

2014, 10-5 (22)2014, 10-5 (23)2014, 10-5 (24)2014, 10-5 (26)

2014, 10-5 (1)

Daylight began to break on the horizon and it was time for him to get in line.

2014, 10-5 (4)2014, 10-5 (8)2014, 10-5 (10)2014, 10-5 (9)2014, 10-5 (11)

Once he was on the trolley, I walked around and took a few pictures before heading back to the B&B.

2014, 10-5 (16)2014, 10-5 (17)2014, 10-5 (18)2014, 10-5 (21)

There were a few folks in the kitchen at the B&B having breakfast, so I toasted a couple of waffles and sat down with them.  I met a lady whose husband was also doing the event and then another guy came in and his wife was also a participant.  We were the triathlon widows! We all sat there and talked for quite a bit but then I went upstairs and crawled back in bed for an hour.  Since there really wasn’t anyway for me to see him start the swim and then transition to the bike, I had plenty of time so it was a relaxing morning for me.

He had given me time frames of how long he thought each discipline would take him but I wanted to get to T2 in plenty of time.  Just like earlier this morning, I sat in the truck for a little bit because I was really there too early.  The sun had come out but it was still “cool” (55 degrees) at 11:00AM.  I hoped he was warm enough out there on the bike.  Took a screen shot of the forecast for what the rest of the day would hold.

2014, 10-5 (2)

From a distance…all cyclists look the same.  With helmets on you cant even tell if it’s a guy or girl coming at you until they are close.  I did have one advantage with trying to identify him from a distance – he was bundled up.  I knew if I saw skin on a cyclist, that wasn't MY athlete. Smile  Eventually I saw my Nanook of the North come in.

2014, 10-5 (31)2014, 10-5 (32)

As he came out of transition ready to start the run, I ran with him for a bit.  He said that the swim was so cold that he could barely change into his bike clothes.  His fingers were frozen. He said the water temp was only 59 degrees.  WHAT!?!?!  Hopefully running and being in the sunshine would warm him up.  He was then off to tackle the half marathon portion.

2014, 10-5 (33)2014, 10-5 (35)2014, 10-5 (36)

I stayed out and cheered on some of the athletes for awhile but then went back to the truck to eat my lunch.  When I thought it was close to the time for him to finish, I went to the top of the “hill” because I thought that the bridge in the background would make a good photo.  Again – not as bad as when they are on the bike but – from a distance its difficult to tell the athletes apart.  But I saw him coming toward me and (mostly) got the shot I was hoping for.

2014, 10-5 (37)

From here, he didn’t have further to go but it wasn’t a straight shot so I was hoping that I could run down the hill and get to the finish line just before he would so I could get a photo of him there as well.  Bad thing was that I really had to pee.  But I made it just in time to take a picture before he crossed…without peeing my pants! Winking smile 

2014, 10-5 (38)

As I was standing next to the volunteers handing out the medals I said “Here comes my athlete” and she let me be the one to give him his medal and took a picture for me.  YAY!  Thanks volunteer.

2014, 10-5 (39)

He grabbed some food and sat for a little bit but couldn’t stop talking about how cold the swim was.  He wasn’t very satisfied with his overall finish time but he FINISHED and he is a stud in my book.  He then let me take a few “finishers” photos of him.

2014, 10-5 (42)2014, 10-5 (43)

Then it was time to load everything up and head back to the Beall Mansion (our Bed & Breakfast) so he could shower and take a quick nap.

Initially we went to Fast Eddie’s for dinner.  Everyone talked about how fun it is.  But as far as we were concerned it was a mess.  You had to stand in line to order your food and then they would call your name and you had to go back up to get it.  You could barely hear the announcements (names or ticket numbers) over the loud speaker.  We got a table and ordered drinks; tea for me & a beer for him but once we finished them, we left.  You had to pay as you went for drinks, cash only and the place was a dump!  Luckily we had the restaurants list from the B&B in the car and found another place to go to.  Perfect spot, Bluff City Grill.  The food was awesome.  Hello Tater Tots!  And it wasn’t crowded or annoying.  The perfect place to refuel and decompress.   T3 ROCKS!

This was my husband's order.10670051_10203232625037310_759589006354895371_n

Overall this was a good event and had just a few hiccups for being the first time for it.

zBib, Jacket, Medal (1)zMedal (2)