Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hendricks County 4-H Fair 5K – Race Recap / Be Your Own Super Hero

July 12, 2014


I’ve stated before that I’m not one to pay to run a 5K…unless it is a cause that I am passionate about.  After all, 3.1 miles is a short (and usually its at least 4 miles) training run for me so why pay money to do one?  But some people from our running group were posting on Facebook about this and THREE things caught my eye:

  1. I saw that it was “Super Hero” themed.  Fun!  Maybe I could throw together a costume.
  2. It would benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and I have family and friends with diabetes so it was a cause that I support.
  3. It was being held 15 minutes from my house.

Now I initially saw all of this 3 days before the event but didn’t sign up so the price increased.  I finally decided to “pull the trigger” the day before (only $5 more) but couldn’t register online anymore so I’d have to do it the morning of. 

FRIDAY, JULY 11th:  Now the hunt was on to create a costume!  I went to the Party City store near my house but they didn’t have many costumes in stock and most of them were kids sizes.  I can wear a kids size from time to time but all of these were smalls and I would have needed a Large or XL.  I saw this in the store and it became my inspiration.


But after driving to several more stores, I wasn’t having much luck.  I was very sad to see that my “go to” store in Greenwood that always carried adult costumes was no longer there. Sad smile   So I came home to regroup, see what I had in my closet and put my thinking cap back on.  I went to trusty ol’ Walmart and actually found a few different options that I thought would work with my navy star skirt and finally decided on the Superman t-shirt (a technical shirt nonetheless!) in the boys department.  It didn’t really match my skirt but it was getting late and I needed to go back to Party Supply and buy a Superman cape.  While there I also found some red tights so I got those as well.  I hurried home and laid all this out on the bed to see what it would look like.  Not bad.  Put it on and texted a picture to my friend (NCB) from the running group.  She approved.  I wasn’t really sure how I was going to wear the cap because it was suppose to fit around your neck and I was pretty sure that would drive me crazy…even if it was only 3.1 miles.  I was already worried that the tights – in the summer – would cause me to combust but the plan was to run this for fun not for speed.  Which really is the only way I run anyway.

When I cut the tag from the shirt it was a perfect Superman logo so I was inspired to duct tape it to a red visor.  My preference is to always run wearing a hat.  It actually fit really well.  I’d never run in this hat but surely it would be okay, right? Winking smile


SATURDAY,JULY 12th:  Since I still needed to register, I wanted to get to the Fairgrounds early so I left my house around 7:15AM.  Although the forecast was not AS HOT as it could have been, the fact that I was wearing tights in the summer was weighing heavily on my mind.


There weren’t many people there yet so I was able to park super close.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any money or a check and they weren't set up to take credit card payments but they let me register anyway and told me I could just mail the check to them.  YAY - small towns! 

Photo from the Hendricks County FlyerHendricks County Flyer

My friend arrived and then another guy from the running club got there.  He was wearing a Superman shirt as well so of course a picture was taken!

I’m pretty sure my eyes are under there somewhere!022

Close to 8:00AM, everyone gathered at the start line – which was just a tape line they put down in the parking lot, received instructions about the course and then they played the National Anthem.  They counted down from 10 and we were off.

Photo from the Hendricks County FlyerHendricks County Flyer 2

Although NCB and I agreed that this was for fun and not speed, we started off faster than I normally would have.  DS – the guy from our group was racing so we never saw him again until the finish.  There was a water station at the 1 mile marker so we walked through that and grabbed a cup, then we were routed through a neighborhood for 1 mile and then back into the Fairgrounds.  The water stop at mile 1 was also at the 2 mile marker and I told NCB that I was going to walk through it again.  So she did as well.  When we reached 2.5 miles – according to my watch -  I was really struggling.  I was very overheated and my stomach was starting to get “crampy and gurgley” and I really wanted to stop and walk but I didn’t say anything because I was afraid she would walk with me.  Even though we agreed in the beginning that she could take off at any time, I knew she wouldn’t and I didn’t want to ruin her race.

Thankfully I was able to suck it up and finish without walking other than at the water stops.  After resting only momentarily past the finish line I thought it might be best to find a bathroom.  Thankfully the exhibit hall was open so I got to use a “real” restroom and it was air conditioned.  This may have saved me from bursting into flames!  Eventually I made my way back outside.  We stuck around for the awards but they were only giving medals to the first place finishers and the age groups were in “tens” (31-40 / 41-50) rather than the usual fives (45-49) and none of us placed first in our group.  I was second though.

I’m glad I did this event and I’m glad that I ran with NCB.  She made me push myself and I actually got a PR at this distance.  AND I never did burst into flames. I doubt I’ll ever wear tights for a run in the summer ever again.  Lesson learned.

Today…I felt like my own Super Hero!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Firecracker 6 – Race Review

July 04, 2014


After completing this event last year, I received an email notification regarding early bird registration…for $14!  So of course I signed up.  I also paid 10 extra dollars for a tech shirt.  Still all of that was a great price for any race.

This would be the third year in a row to do this race.  Even though the past two years have been HOT! Sun HOT! Sun HOT!  I have really enjoyed it.  It is well organized, there are hydration stations every mile (much needed those first two years) and lots of treats post race.

THURSDAY, JULY 3rd: Once again, packet pick-up was held at the City Market in downtown Indy so its super easy for me to get to and I’m able to just park in my workplace parking garage.  I got there around 11:30AM and although the lunch crowd was starting to arrive at the Market, packet pick-up was not crowded at all.

2014, 07-03 (1)2014, 07-03 (2)2014, 07-03 (3)

It had been so long since I had registered, I didn’t remember at the time requesting a shirt but I was being given one.  Upon researching my paperwork later, I discovered that I did indeed order a shirt.  So after getting my stuff, it was back home.  I wasn’t 100% sure if the shirt was dry-fit/wicking or not so I decided to wear last year’s shirt instead.  I had not worn it last year but dressed “patriotic” instead so it wouldn’t be a repeat.  And since I didn’t need gels or multiple sugar free candies, I planned on using a Spibelt instead of my usual race belt.  The plan was to be downtown by 7:30-7:40 so I set my alarm for 5:45am.

FRIDAY, JULY 4th: Once again – with a distance shorter than a half marathon – I’m never really sure what to eat in the morning.  So I had a spoonful of peanut butter and a Luna Bar, plus my usual cold tea.  And I drank a small grape G2 on the drive downtown and ate some Gatorade chews.

The weather this year was AMAZING!  The fact that we were having  a “cold snap” in July was crazy but I was very thankful for it.  I was hoping that the cooler temps would help me shave some time off from last year’s finish.

2014, 07-04 (1)

I got parked and fiddle around in my car for a bit before deciding I should probably try to take care of “business” one more time.  I couldn’t remember if the City Market was going to be open and decided to go into my building so that I could use a real bathroom and not have to wait.  Our offices are on the 19th floor so all of this took a little longer than anticipated and suddenly I felt a little rushed to get to the starting area.

2014, 07-04 (22)

But of course I got there in plenty of time to turn on my watch, sing along with the National Anthem and wait for the GPS to load.  Since it was my 3rd year to do this, I knew that they would light off firecrackers to start the race.  There was a slight delay on this after the countdown but eventually we heard it – BANG BANG BANG BANG – and we were off.

2014, 07-04 (2) Everyone was looking at where the firecrackers were being set off.

For the most part the route was exactly the same as last year although it deviated slightly around mile 4.  So I think these photos are very similar to the ones I took last year.

2014, 07-04 (4)2014, 07-04 (6)2014, 07-04 (7)

Since I wasn’t wearing my “bigger” race belt I couldn’t put my phone away but what you see above are the only in-race photos I took.  There were a couple of times I contemplated a picture but didn’t do it. 

As is typical with my poking pace, at about the 2.7 mile point in MY race here comes the race leader headed back past the Fieldhouse on his way to the finish line…and there wasn't anyone close behind him.  He was flying!

I remembered from last year there was a Miss (State?) at the 3mile/5mile aid station – which I thought was very random and weird – but I did not see any beauty queens this year.  Once again we are given small American flags with about 1/2 mile to go, we make one right turn and then it’s a dash to the finish line.  I’m happy to report that I finished 3 minutes fast than last year.  YAY!!!

As usual, there is a huge food spread after the race.  You get the typical banana, water, chocolate milk but then on the plaza of the City Market you can get cookies, popsicles and this year there was a food truck and runners got a free pulled pork BBQ sandwich.  Although that’s something I don’t eat, I got one and thought I’d give it away if I passed a homeless person on the way back to my car.  Surprisingly, no takers so I took it home to my husband.

2014, 07-04 (13)2014, 07-04 (14)2014, 07-04 (15)  Truth be told, I stood in front of all these desserts for SEVERAL minutes trying to decide which one to choose and then they brought out a box of these cute “flip flop” cookies and – DECISION MADE!2014, 07-04 (16)2014, 07-04 (19)2014, 07-04 (18)

Also new this year was the Selfie Zone.  You could take a “serious” picture or they had a table of fun Patriotic themed accessories you could wear.  I’m not very good at selfies but luckily they had someone there that would take pictures for you.

2014, 07-04 (12)2014, 07-04 (9)2014, 07-04 (10)

This race just keeps getting better and better in my opinion.  Maybe I feel that way because my time keeps getting better as well but I will more than likely sign up for this again next year.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cincinnati Half Marathon – Race Recap

June 28, 2014


My original plan was to mail in my registration form and a check but I waited too late and had to register on-line.  I hate paying those extra fees!  And then I was having problems on the laptop that I use and had to switch to my husband’s to even get the registration to go through.  This would be the first of many hiccups I experienced with this race. My total registration cost was $67.40.

FRIDAY, JUNE 27th:  Cincinnati is a little over 2 hours from where I live so I didn’t feel pressed for time to get there on Friday.  Packet pickup was listed to take place from 4pm-7pm at Sawyer Point.  I wasn’t sure what Sawyer Point was but assumed that it was a park.  I guess I should have done a little research prior to leaving.  Oddly, OnStar initially didn’t find it/couldn't find it either via the address or name.  But the lady kept trying, switched to a different system (what ever that meant) and was able to send me directions.

Naturally I had to make a bathroom stop so I pulled over at the rest stop in Batesville, IN.  Eating that big container of watermelon was probably not the smartest idea to do while traveling…but it certainly helped with getting me hydrated!  Back on the road in no time and it wasn’t long before I was across the Ohio state line.  I hit a little bit of traffic and construction once I got to the west side of Cincinnati but it didn’t delay me too much.  So I get on Pete Rose Way and supposedly Sawyer Point is in the 700 block but I don’t see anything that is signed for it.  I eventually pull over and start looking through my paperwork.  Suddenly I see a guy walking up the sidewalk and he just help up a race shirt to look at it.  I jumped out of my car and asked him where he got it.  He tells me that packet pickup is about a 1/2 mile back down the road.  He would be right and wrong about the distance.

Since I wasn’t sure if I was parked in a legal place, I decided I’d better find somewhere else to park.  I made a U-Turn and headed back down the road and then went in to town a bit to look for some metered parking.  Found a space rather quickly and then began to dig for change.  Some random guy showed me that the meters there can give you 10 minutes for free and then stated that I only needed to pay until 5:00pm.  I barely had enough change!  This guy then gave me random directions on how to get to the park and I headed that way.  First I needed to walk through this cute little park at the end of the road.  Abe was on guard so I took his picture.


A left turn and then a right turn and I was mostly back to where I saw the guy with the race shirt.  So I crossed the street and asked the gentleman in the parking booth if I was headed in the right direction for packet pickup and he said yes but that I needed to (and he pointed) keep going that way.  As I am still wandering around this park, I’m approached by another couple asking if I’m looking for packet pickup – they are as well.  They were told it was just across the railroad tracks.  Um…the tracks run parallel to the road so that isn’t helpful.  They decided to keep going left.  I headed right because I saw some folks with bags that looked like they might be for a race. 

SUCCESS!  Found it…and there was a really long line…and only two people working the table.  Also, there was some triathlon stuff setup.  Now I begin to worry.  Did I signed up for the wrong event?  Am I there on the wrong day?  The girl in front of me is picking up triathlon stuff.  But they were handing out stuff for both events.  Standing in line was also a treat because the lady 3 people behind me had the most annoying child.  He didn’t want to be with her but he didn’t want to go with his dad and sister so he just kept screaming and complaining.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  But I saw these pretty flowers as I was leaving the park so that made me smile.


Now from a time standpoint I was in a bit of a pickle.  It was between 5pm & 6pm and I didn’t want to get caught in any rush hour traffic so I decided to walk around a bit and was hoping I could find where the start line would be located in the morning. 


Oh the things I saw as I was walking around Cincinnati; some vendors yelling at each other (the Bruno Mars concert was that night at the US Bank Arena), two guys and a girl that got stopped at a light while I was there and felt the need to have an in-depth conversation about all things weird.  I had to go a different way when I saw that we would be stopped at a light together again.  Oh and I finally saw this sign below for the park where packet pickup was.  The misleading thing is that there’s nothing to give it some perspective in size but there’s no way you could see it while driving!


Made my way back to my car and drove to the hotel.  I had reservations at the Millennium Hotel which – when I asked the race people for hotel recommendations – this was one they said was not “race friendly” to runners…but it was the only one available AND affordable. 


What was NOT affordable was the potential charge of $25 to park my car so I parked in a public garage the was catty corner for only $10.  I was hoping that it would be safe there.   As I was checking in, I was told that check out the next day was 11:00AM but when it was time to sign the paperwork I noticed that it said check out was noon.  BOOM! 

After getting everything to my room and the car parked, I started to unpack.  Suddenly I noticed that I’d forgotten my hat.  UGH!!!  So I set out on the town to find one.  Sadly, the “town” was shutting down anywhere from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.  Seriously, Cincinnati, OH had nothing open on a Friday night.  I made it in time to Walgreens but they didn’t have what I was looking for.  Across the street was a CVS that had just closed.  About two blocks away was Macy’s and even though they had baseball hats, some of them were “winter” baseball hats (so too hot to wear) which is why they were on clearance and the others were $25+ and I wasn’t about to pay that for a hat I’d only wear once.  So it was back to the Walgreens where I found some wide headbands that I was hoping would work and also bought some other supplies: chocolate milk, water and miscellaneous snacks for the drive home tomorrow.

Although the lobby of the hotel looked fancy and nice, the room was really just average and a little “tired” looking.  And NO refrigerator or microwave!  I had traveled with a cooler of course but a refrigerator is always better. Luckily, there was a snack bar/canteen area downstairs that had a microwave so I was able to heat up my pasta. Initially I thought I would have to drive to the start line but after double checking the address and MapQuest-ing that from the hotel address, I discovered it was only a mile away and that was totally walkable.   I watched TV for awhile and was in bed by 10:30pm.

SATURDAY, JUNE 28th: For some reason, I didn’t sleep well.  Race start time was 7:00AM and I wanted to leave the hotel no later than 6:15 since I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going.  I showered, ate breakfast and was out the door right at 6:15AM.  Thankfully the weather looked better than what it was showing last night.  Maybe since it rained that night, it got it all out of its system.



I basically walked the route that I had driven to the hotel since that’s what I was familiar with but as I got closer, I saw another girl with a race bib on and caught up with her at a stoplight.  She was originally from Michigan but was now living in Cincinnati and she & her friend were doing the 10K.  (You can actually see her in the photo above crossing the street!)  So we make our way down to where we think the start line will be.  We see plenty of other runners but no start line.  Most people seem puzzled.  Some of us start walking toward the direction of Sawyer Point since packet pickup was taking place on race morning as well.  Runners were coming from all directions and NO ONE knew where the start line was.  None of the police officers knew…nobody.  Many of us walked up Merhing Way to Pete Rose Way.  Some runners commented that the start line had been up there in the past but NOPE…still no start line.  Finally, a man on a bicycle came riding up and waving a roll of red duct tape yelling, “the start line is down the road where the red tape line is.”  Well, that line was not there when we walked up the street.


Oh look…there’s the red line…that suddenly appeared.


Here they are scrambling to set up the timing mat (blurry photo)

It was never explained to us what happened or why but the race started 25 minutes late.  Now this wasn’t the first year for this event; it was the FIFTH!  I wondered if they had any hiccups over on the triathlon side.  Needless to say with everything that had happened I was worried if there would be aid stations out on the course so I didn’t toss my water bottle…just in case.

Once again, I put my phone away and figured I’d walk or drive back to take pictures of anything interesting.  But I did take these pictures around the 3 mile marker (I think):


The aid stations were mostly spaced 2 miles apart but I still held on to my water bottle.  It was unbelievably humid!  By the time we reached the 6 mile aid station, I stopped and filled my bottle back up.  This was the first time we also had Gatorade.  I also began dumping water down my back.

The last half of the race was just miserable and I don’t remember much about it.  I do remember seeing one female runner that had big thick longish hair and it was not pulled back.  I just don’t know how she could possibly run with all that on her neck and around her face.  Somewhere between mile 10 and 11, I was next to a lady who asked me if I thought my Garmin was accurate and if it matched how the course was marked.  She said her watch hadn’t uploaded satellite in time.  I told her what my Garmin was showing which was about two-tenths longer than what the mile marker indicated.  I then pulled ahead of her.  There was a lot of walking by a LOT of people.  And I started not to care.  I think had the weather not been so horrific I could have enjoyed the course a little more.  It did have some scenic areas and parks.  I started seeing more of the bikers from the triathlon while I was between miles 9 and 11. 

At about mile 11.5, we entered Theodore M Berry International Friendship Park.  This was the prettiest part of the course and I’m sure there is an interesting story behind it and it would have been the perfect place to get some pictures but I was so over this race at this point.  It took everything that I had to just keep going.  Not that I didn’t think I wouldn’t finish but I was beat up mentally.

I was never so happy to cross a finish line in my life.  Thankfully some lady asked me to stop so that she could cut my timing chip off or I probably would have gone back to the hotel with it still attached.  Of course, she couldn’t just cut it off because I was never given a zip tie and had to undo my shoe to remove it.  But because I had to do that, I saw some members of the 50 States club and began chatting with them.  They were very nice and wanted to get a picture with me.


Picked up a couple of granola bars – that’s about all they had left.    It looked like there had been some watermelon but it was long gone.  Then I looked for some place to take a “finishers photo” and someone to take it for me!


On the way back to the hotel, I walked past where the Cincinnati Reds play and took some photos.  I thought my husband would be interested in them (even though he is a Cubs fan) but I learned that as a young child he experienced an “incident” with Pete Rose and never liked the Reds after that.  Noted!


I was in a daze by the time I got back to the hotel.  My clothes were so saturated with sweat that I could literally wring them out.  SO GROSS.  I wanted to stand in the shower forever.  Luckily it only took me two trips to get everything to the car and then I was back on the road for home.

Some final thoughts:

  • Although there were some flat portions of this course, I don’t think its correct to say that it is flat and fast.
  • You don’t have to buy the shirt and that is a bonus to some people…but of course I did.
  • They listed it as “no frills” racing and that would be true.
  • I thought that I’d read somewhere that Gatorade would be provided more often than just at mile 6 which would also be at mile 9ish, but I could be wrong.
  • We were given GU (but not GU brand & I can’t remember what it was) at the Gatorade station as well so that was nice.
  • I doubt that I will ever do this race again.  It fit the schedule for what I needed this year but it certainly isn’t something that I’d purposely come back for.

The medal was colorful but a little small.


Lifetime half marathon #55.