Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Evening of Firsts

July 08, 2013


I received an email (and also saw on Facebook) that Runners Forum, one of the local running stores, was holding a group fun run/walk and representatives from Saucony were going to be there so that people could try on their shoes during the run.  Sounded like a great opportunity to try out a different pair of shoes.  I’ve been an Asics Girl from DAY ONE but they’ve changed the style I run in.  I have one pair of the new GT 3000s and the left foot seems off just a bit.  I’m going to try these new Asics one more time before I make any drastic moves.  However, this might provide another option for me.

I was a little nervous about going and doing this.  They said that all abilities were welcome but I’m slow and didn’t want to be embarrassed.  Plus I was worried that I might have to stop and use the bathroom.  I wasn’t sure what route they would be running and what if I was about to have an emergency?  But I put on my “big girl running shorts” and drove to the store.  There were a lot of people already there.  They put me in a pair of Saucony Guides.  Unfortunately 7 was the smallest size they had and I normally wear a 6 1/2.  I was hoping this wouldn’t cause a problem.




After a few instructions about the path we would be running and a reminder that this was to be a fun run, we all took off.  It was true - all abilities were there.  The speedier folks were gone in a flash, I was about mid-pack and there were some walkers behind us.  There was a guy there with his two daughters; one was 9 and I think the other one might have been about 7.  Basically we ran through the strip mall parking lot, through a neighborhood over to the YMCA to do the 1 1/2 mile lap there and then back.  The “organizers” weren’t 100% sure if this would actually be a 5K and I wasn’t sure either at first.  But I was wearing my Garmin so I would find out.  When we got to the turn to go back in the neighborhood, some RF employees were standing there and said that we needed to do a short lap in front of the Y and then back on the path to the neighborhood.  I didn’t have a good gauge of who should have been in front of me because there were also just random people out on the path.  AND I was hoping that no one was following me because I just wasn’t sure how far to go.  Well, most of the people behind me either opted out of doing the lap or didn’t go far enough because as I was about to get back in the neighborhood, I was practically last.  I had to start passing the walkers ahead of me.

Turns out that what I did was correct because by the time I got back to the store my Garmin measured 3.11 miles.  I think if they’d had us go further south on the path at the Y and not had people do an add-on loop it would have made more sense. I might go run it again some evening and see how it measures.

Afterward, there was water, Gatorade type drinks and beer.  Plus, Saucony provided Jimmy John sandwiches.  I wasn’t hungry but did grab a couple of waters.  Obviously plenty of people took advantage of the food.  It basically got devoured in no time.


They were giving a 10% discount on Saucony shoes if you bought them that night but I wasn’t ready to make the commitment just yet.  Although they felt pretty good and similar to my Asics, I did have some rubbing on my left Achilles area probably because they were too big.

So you might be asking, what were these FIRSTS that I had, well….

  1. I’ve never not run in Asics. First time in a new brand.
  2. I ran without my music.  I never done that (on purpose) but I wasn’t sure what etiquette was so I left my shuffle in my car.
  3. I’ve never done a training run and not had a bathroom nearby for the first 3 miles.  Not sure what it is about my digestive system but if there’s gonna be an issue, that’s when it will happen.  I felt like it was “touch & go” a couple of time and took some walking breaks.  Thus it was not a fast 5K but I’ll call it a success.

I will definitely do this type of thing again if it is offered.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Evening at the Palladium

June 29, 2013

My husband’s employer was the pre-party sponsor for the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame Induction at The Center For The Performing Arts.  This was a black-tie affair and I was looking forward to getting all fancy schmancy and having some fun.  He invited one of his clients  and we met him and his wife at a restaurant called DIVVY prior to the Gala.  I was skeptical at first because I’ve been to a tapas restaurant downtown and didn’t care for it.  But this place was amazing and I would definitely go back.

We walked over to the Palladium and the three of them enjoyed some of the complementary cocktails prior to taking our seats.  The honorees tonight were: Jimmy Webb, Frank Sinatra, Rita Moreno & Liza Minnelli.  They were all there and seated in one of the box seats (except for Sinatra, of course).  Each honoree had a special guest that would introduce them and tell their backstory and that person stayed off stage.  I didn’t look closely at the program prior to the show starting so I didn’t know who the introducers would be.

Megan Hilty


I’m not familiar with the first honoree, Jimmy Webb but he is a songwriter and some of the most famous songs he has written are; “By The Time I Get To Phoenix,” Wichita Lineman,” and “Up, Up and Away.”  He was introduce by Tom Wopat.  Yep, Luke Duke was in the house.  I guess Tom has also done some stuff on Broadway but none of us were impressed with his singing.  And we all thought this was the most random person of the evening.

Next was Rita Moreno who is probably most famous for role as Anita in West Side Story. She was introduced by Jimmy Smits and a tribute song for her was performed by Jose’ Feliciano (of Feliz Navidad fame).  We aren’t sure if he was smashed or what but he practically did a comedy routine before actually playing the guitar.  He did a good job on the guitar though .  She spoke after being presented her award and was AMAZING.  She is 81 years old (or young) and had so much spunk.  I hope to still be feisty like that when I’m in my 80s.

For Frank Sinatra, the orchestra played and a dance was performed to “That’s Life.”   The female dancer did a great job and then a thank you video from Frank’s wife was played.  Also the kid that won the 2012 Great American Songbook High School Vocal Academy & Competition (longest title ever) sang a Sinatra song.  He’s only 16, from New York and did a great job.  They say he could easily evolve into another Michael Buble’ but I don’t know about that.

Finally, it was Liza Minnelli’s turn.  She was to be introduced and a song performed in her honor by Megan Hilty.  Megan has played Glinda in Wicked on Broadway and most recently was on the TV show Smash but sadly because of weather related issues on the East Coast she could not get a flight to Indiana.  I was absolutely CRUSHED to hear this news.  She really was the main reason I was so fired up about attending this event. Annoyed  So Michael Feinstein (who is the brain child behind this whole Great American Songbook Initiative) sang the tribute.  He & Liza are best buds and she even stayed at his house over the weekend.  She then closed the show by performing New York New York.  She did a good job but my husband swears she was tanked.

So the show is over and there are three after parties taking place.  We were hoping that the inductees would be mingling among us commoners but the only one was Tom Wopat.  That was disappointing.  However, he practically stood right next to us so it was suggested that I offer to get him a drink.  He said that he’d take a shot of Johnnie Walker Red.  Well…the bar didn’t have that so we got a shot of the best they had, gave it to him, said “Welcome to Indiana” and then bolted out of that room faster than Luke Duke would have been able to slide across the hood of the General Lee.  Oh my, that was a funny story that we told over and over all night long. 

We sampled the food and most of the drinks in all the After Party Rooms and left for home around 11:00PM.  Sadly I don’t have any pictures.  We couldn’t take pictures during the show and I didn’t feel attractive in my little black dress.  It was two sizes too big and I just felt like a big ol’ schlump.  But I did have fun…even if my feet were killing me.  I just don’t wear high heels like that anymore.  I prefer my running shoes!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Firecracker 6–BOOM!

Since I have a dry spell from my last half marathon (June 1st) until my next half marathon (August 17th), I decided to do a 6 mile Fourth of July run in downtown Indy.  I did it last year but experienced some digestive/intestinal issues and it was a billion degrees so I was hoping for better results this year.
Packet pick-up is a breeze especially since I work downtown and can just park in my normal parking spot to go pick it up.  It is held in our City Market.  I hadn’t been in there for awhile (since last year’s packet pick-up) and I was surprised how nice it looked and how busy it was during lunch.  It must be a good location for people to go to.  It does have a lot of variety but…I’m a “take my lunch to work” kind of girl.  Got my packet and shirt and then headed back toward my side of town. 
2013, 07-03 Packet Pickup (1)   2013, 07-03 Packet Pickup (2)
2013, 07-03 Packet Pickup (4)   2013, 07-03 Packet Pickup (6)
I wanted to dress somewhat festive for this race but didn’t want to put too much money, time and/or effort into it.  I still needed to find a red top.  I had some luck at the second Walmart I went to.  It says that it is dry wicking but it seems very “cottony” too me.  But I think I can endure it for 6 miles.  Later in the evening I put everything together (or so I thought.  There would be a last minute hat change in the morning) and then went to bed around 10:30pm.
Got up at 6:00am.  The race starts at 8:00am and I live only about  30 minutes from downtown so there was no need to get up super early.  Initially I was only going to shave my legs (can’t stand for them not to be) but decided to take a quick shower anyway.  I tried to eat less than I normally do for a half.  Last year I think I ate too much and that was also part of my problem.  Left the house 5 minutes later than I wanted to and had to stop at a Thornton’s gas station to use the bathroom on the way there.  (Maybe THAT’S why I need to get up 2+ hours prior.  UGH!).  But still had plenty of time.  Dropped off my donations for the Hoosiers Helping Heros program and then got in my corral.   Way too many chatty people that we didn’t even hear the National Anthem - only the applause afterward.   I’m going to assume also that he/she/they didn’t use a mic either.  Then a few minutes later, the firecrackers are set off (that is the starting “gun”) and we are on or way.
The route changed a little from last year and I made it through the first two miles without any problems but then for some reason my stomach felt like it was cramping and that I might need a bathroom.  SO FRUSTRATING!  Annoyed  So I walked for a bit and took in some water at the next aid station and eventually it subsided.  I knew what my finish time was from last year (1:09 and some change) and really wanted to make sure that I was below that but with that walking break I got a little worried.  Crossed the finish line at 1:04:43.  Almost 5 full minutes faster than last year.  So I’m going to call it a success even with the “interruption” from walking.  I really enjoyed the new course.  It was wonderful that it wasn’t even close to being as hot as last year.  The temperature was cool-ish for July and overcast.  I never even put my sunglasses on.

2013, 07-04 (1)

Wish I had last year’s reading to compare

2013, 07-04 (2)

Start line.  We will run toward Monument Circle

2013, 07-04 (6)
2013, 07-04 (9)

Fountain Square has recently been revitalized and has become a good area to run through.  This is just before the 4 mile marker

2013, 07-04 (10)

Heading back in to the downtown area

2013, 07-04 (11)

Lucas Oil Stadium  - where the Indianapolis Colts play

2013, 07-04 (12)

The building on the right is Bankers Life Fieldhouse (FKA Conseco Fieldhouse) and home to the Indiana Pacers & Indiana Fever (where I worked for 11 years).  And the tall building in the distance is where I work now – Chase Tower

2013, 07-04 (15)

The finish line area is lined with American flags on both sides & you get a handed a small American flag the last 1/4 mile to run in with.

2013, 07-04 (13)

Best I could do for a Finishers Photo!

They had the standard water, bananas and pretzels at the finishers area.  But also had GOOD cookies and popsicles.  Popsicles have become one of my favorite items to get after a race.  They are so refreshing.  Initially I took two cookies but felt guilty (although they had plenty) so I gave one to a homeless man on my walk back to the car.
I would recommend this race to anyone and I will probably do it again next year.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

My husband & I have been watching the Tour de France and he suggested that I send in a question to Ask Bobke.  The next day, there it was.  Not sure why they listed my hometown (and spelled it incorrectly.  Its Terre not Terra) instead of my current city.  But fun nonetheless!



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Those crazy high school kids!

On June 21 & 22nd, I was back in my home town celebrating with my former high school classmates celebrating at our 30 year class reunion.

Its difficult to think that I’ve been out of high school for 30 years since most days I still feel like I AM 30.  But a good time was had by all.  I’m not sure from a “numbers” standpoint regarding attendees if more people attended or not but I think it was a better “festivity” than our 25th.  Leading up to the formal dinner on the 22nd, I did a 30 day countdown on Facebook.  I had scanned pages from our yearbook and posted one or two of them each day.  It was a big hit.  It got people excited about attending and it certainly got some funny conversations started, especially about those 80s clothing and hairstyles.  And here we are a week past and people are still talking about it and commenting on photos.  Seeing all the fun we had made those that didn’t attend wish they had.  Hopefully we’ll see an even greater turnout for our (GULP!) 35th in 2018 Fingers crossed


Me and the hubs at the Friday night tent party


I’ve known these girls since Junior High!


30 years later and still acting silly.

Monday, July 1, 2013


On Saturday, June 15th my husband and I volunteered at the local Sprint Distance Triathlon.  The disadvantage was that we had to be there at 5:45am.  And when we got there, there was an athlete already there!  It didn’t even start until 8:00am.  We were to be body markers.  Two funny stories, I had a guy come up to me later (I didn’t do his initial marking) and needed to have a number added to his arm.  Seems that technically he was 258 not just 58.  At least that was an easy fix.  The other one told me that his number was 331 so that’s what I marked on his arm.  But then his wife chimes in and tells him that’s NOT his number.  That he is actually 351.  They bicker back and forth until he digs his bib out of the bag…sure enough he was 351.  Well, that wasn’t a “clean” fix but we made it work.

After the race started, we stayed to help direct the athletes coming out of the transition area out on to the bike course. We stayed until all of the bike were back in. 

It was fun cheering them on.  I was getting excited and for a brief moment thought how fun it would be to do another triathlon.  (I had done this event in 2010.)  But then I remembered that I suck at swimming and I’m not good on the bike and by the time I’ve struggled through those two portions, my run is even slower than it usually is.  So…I’ll just stick to my half marathon goals and leave the triathlons to my husband.