Monday, July 1, 2013


On Saturday, June 15th my husband and I volunteered at the local Sprint Distance Triathlon.  The disadvantage was that we had to be there at 5:45am.  And when we got there, there was an athlete already there!  It didn’t even start until 8:00am.  We were to be body markers.  Two funny stories, I had a guy come up to me later (I didn’t do his initial marking) and needed to have a number added to his arm.  Seems that technically he was 258 not just 58.  At least that was an easy fix.  The other one told me that his number was 331 so that’s what I marked on his arm.  But then his wife chimes in and tells him that’s NOT his number.  That he is actually 351.  They bicker back and forth until he digs his bib out of the bag…sure enough he was 351.  Well, that wasn’t a “clean” fix but we made it work.

After the race started, we stayed to help direct the athletes coming out of the transition area out on to the bike course. We stayed until all of the bike were back in. 

It was fun cheering them on.  I was getting excited and for a brief moment thought how fun it would be to do another triathlon.  (I had done this event in 2010.)  But then I remembered that I suck at swimming and I’m not good on the bike and by the time I’ve struggled through those two portions, my run is even slower than it usually is.  So…I’ll just stick to my half marathon goals and leave the triathlons to my husband.


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