Thursday, September 17, 2015

(March 14, 2015) The No Luck Run Half Marathon

Since this race took place over SIX MONTHS ago, I'm pretty sure I'm not remembering everything about it but here's what I do recall:

This was a new event but put on by Race Maker Productions which has done numerous road races and triathlons. And it was taking place at Metropolis Mall which is a mere 10 minutes from my house. I don't remember for sure if I got in before any price increase but it was $50 to register but I had discount code that saved me $5...which basically eliminated the fees and taxed.

FRIDAY, MARCH 13th: Packet pickup took place at the Claddagh Irish Pub. They were giving away free shots of whiskey but I wasn't in the mood for any of that. So I didn't stay long.

It was drizzling race morning but by the time the race actually started it had stopped. 
But it was toasty inside the Headquarters/tent area:

There were several members of the Hendricks County Runners club participating so we took a quick group photo.

I didn't know what to expect from this race especially since I hadn't trained - this will become a theme for me in 2015!

The course ran through the mall parking lot first (which was boring) but then headed out toward a path that I was completely unaware even existed!

And now for an influx of pictures from along the course: 

I never knew this tunnel was there!
A great way to get across SR267 which is heavily traveled.

The Plainfield Library. My aunt lives very close to here.
This portion of the course (Plainfield Parks Trail headed to the Vandalia Trail) I was familiar with and had run before. 
The only "fan/spectator" I saw the entire day aside
from participant's friends and family at the start/finish area.
So thanks random guy for being out there with your sign
"Touch Here For Power"
I was not as fast as this guy but I sure didn't see him at the finish line.
Tortoise beats the Hare once again!
In the right you can see a yellow sign in the distance
That is an old Diner that they relocated there.
I could smell the food, especially syrup as we passed.
Very clever of this aid station to use the umbrella as a trash can.
My husband surprised me and was there at the finish line to cheer me in. 
There was quite the after party but I didn't / couldn't stick around because I needed to get home and get showered so that we could head up to Muncie, IN for the Little Big Town concert.

This was supposed to be the area for the
Medal Photo Shoot but it was too windy
This was Lifetime Half Marathon #71 for me and the 1st of 2015.

  • As with any first time race there were some hiccups that they will need to correct but there weren't any glaring issues that caused problems.
  • I will probably do this again since it is so close to my house. As a matter of fact, I have it tentatively listed on the 2016 spreadsheet already.
  • This event production company does a good job keeping runners informed via emails and often offers discount codes as the pricing structures increase.
  • Fingers crossed that it is a better medal next year but this race is also a fund raiser so I know that it's important for the money to go where it is needed rather than to stuff for participants. But a better medal would be appreciated! :)

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