Friday, September 18, 2015

(03-14-2015) Little Big Town Meet & Greet and Concert

After completing the No Luck Run Half Marathon, I hurried home, took a shower, got dressed and we jumped in the car headed to Muncie, IN for the Little Big Town concert.

We had to be there early for the Meet & Greet. We needed to be there by 2:45PM and they were pretty clear in the email that if you were late you, could miss the meet & greet/soundcheck/Q&A session!

We arrived in plenty of time and as luck would have it, we were delayed getting in. Long story, short is that they were having some equipment issues and really wanted to work that out before letting anyone in.

The soundcheck/ Q&A portion was really good and soundcheck lasted longer than it normally does so we were able to take advantage of that. Karen Farichild was having trouble with her IFB so they kept practicing. All of the band members were fantastic about answering questions and were all super nice. We sat second row center for this portion.

Then it was time to move to another area to wait for the photo op with the band. 
After all of that, we left the venue and went to grab some dinner. We walked over to Scotty's and it was pretty busy. My husband was reminiscing a little since he went to college in this town.  

While this venue isn't super fancy, 
when it was time for doors we did get to enter via a designated VIP entrance.
Aren't we fancy!?!?!
My husband bought a souvenir!
This band puts on a GREAT show and since we got to hear them in sound check we can verify that they don't use any gimmicks to make themselves sound better during the show. 

Sadly both of our cell phones took crappy washed out photos during the concert but here are the best ones.
This was a super long day for me - having done the half marathon that morning  - but this show was well worth it and I would definitely go see them again. So glad they are seeing some huge success right now. #LBT

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