Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things are looking up

March finds us heading to Dallas, Texas for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon....AND we get to see one of my BFFs Jeanne!  So. Freaking. Excited.

We left waaaaay to early in Thursday morning and we made great time in the air.  Jeanne picked us up at the airport and then we met her parents for breakfast.  They've been like a second set of parents to me since high school.  The three of them went above and beyond while we were there.  Such amazing people and friends.

We sang Karaoke Thursday night.
We "cheesed around" on Friday
Then went to the Expo on Saturday.

Since the race was on Sunday, we stayed downtown Saturday night.  We had dinner with a friend of John's (and SigEp) and his wife.

All I really have to say about this race is that - lack of training and preparation will equate to a poor finishing least for me.  With everything that had been going on last year and the fact that it had been winter, I didn't do much running so I struggled.

There were no shuttles back to the hotel after the race.  I found out later that they suggested that you park near the finish line and they would shuttle you to the start line.  Ooops.  Supposedly it was only 1 1/2 miles back to the hotel. We think it was A LOT longer.

Showered and checked out of the hotel then Jeanne picked us up and we had dinner with her and her parents.  We relaxed at their house until it was time to head to the airport.

Flight was delayed over an hour and we didn't get back home until after 1:00AM.  I was hoping that they wouldn't expect too much from me on my first day at my new job!


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