Sunday, August 5, 2012

2010 was busy

So, in 2010 we did:
1) the KY Derby Festival Full (John) & Half (me) marathons in April,

2) the 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  We hadn't register but got last minutes bibs from a friend.  Thus we were George and Linn & had to start in Corral Y with all the walkers.  Of note the mini prior, John was fast enough to be in Corral B.  The weather?  Cold and windy - you never know what you'll get during the month of May in Indianapolis.

3) the Air Force Full (John) and Half (me) marathons in September,

4) the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  This was my second marathon and at mile 15, I was really wishing they offered the half and the full on the same day so that I would be done. However, completing this event really was an AMAZING experience.

5) the Rock-N-Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in December.  John was originally signed up to the full but opted to do the half instead.  Good thing since the day before his carb loading was drinking Michelob Ultra ALL DAY in the Sports Book at the Luxor.

2010 also saw a change in our family.  In September we had to say goodbye to General, our first dog.  We adopted him from the Humane Society and he started our "love of Labs" and was an absolutely wonderful dog.  The day he passed was one of the saddest days.

 But then when we got back from Las Vegas, Wrigley came to live with us.

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