Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Merry Merry Month of May

The month of May kicks off with the One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  Both John and I have done this race several time and I had not signed up to run it this year.  The exciting thing about the race this year was that my brother Kevin was doing it.  This would be his very first half marathon.  Kevin ran cross country & track in Jr. High and High School but health issues and life had put running on the back burner for him.  He's been doing a great job with his training and I'm so proud of him that he was doing this for himself.

Hannah (his daughter) and I spent the day together and took lots of pictures.  We made it back to the finish line area just in time to see John finish and then not long after that, Kevin crossed the finish line as well.

He did great!  And of course John rocked it again this year as well. 
(Sadly I have no photos of John)

Two weeks after the mini was the Geist Half Marathon.  Not only do I hope to run a half marathon in every state, I have a sub-plan to run all the half marathons in the state of Indiana.  So, Geist was up next.  This course had lots of rolling hills plus a big one between miles 7 & 8, so I wasn't expecting much with regard to my finishing time.

The course was tough and it was a hot and humid day but it was my third fastest half marathon (which isn't saying that much) and my 15th half overall!

On the same day as the race up in Geist, John was back down in Crane, IN participating in the Ride 2 Recovery which he did last year.

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