Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Review

February 01, 2014

Hmmm…I’m not sure there is really much to review from January.  I registered for races like it was my job.   Out of the 20 half marathons I want to complete in 2014, I am officially registered 15 of them and I am registered for a full marathon which will take place in November.  EEK!  Smile with tongue out

Indiana has been under a deep freeze since the beginning of January with only a few days where there as been a “break in the action” but even the days when the temperature has been tolerable it seems like the winds have been crazy.  Most of my posts in January were about the weather!  As you can see Post 1, Post 2, Post 3 and Post 4.

On January 11th, I did a half marathon (technically 14 miles) in Chicago.  It was more of an nature’s obstacle course at times.  You can read about it HERE.

Other than that I’ve just been plugging away at the miles on the treadmill.  Jealous, right?  I ended the month of January by running 107.5 miles all but 17.5 of those were ON the treadmill. UGH!

2014-01 Miles

This says 109 miles but DailyMile rounds up.  I wish it wouldn’t do that.

The only other item of interest is that I went and had a physical on January 24th.  Thankfully everything was good with my blood work, my weight was in a good range (for MY mental health – under the “ceiling” that I‘ve set for it) and my blood pressure and heart rate were great as well.  I did have to get a tetanus shot.  Wow, my arm hurt – like someone had punched me – for three days after.

I was overdue to have this done but pushed it up the importance scale because I also recently had a friend that experienced some heart issues (technically she “coded” 4 times!) and has been in the hospital since January 18th.  Only recently was she moved out of ICU in to a regular room.  The amazing thing is that they can’t find any long term detriment that this episode caused.  I guess for the extent & severity, doctors only see these “positive” recovery results in .02% of people.  She has a history of an issue with her aorta but other than that is a healthy person.  She works out and watches her weight.  So you never know. 

All of this also prompted me put together a medical history sheet.  I haven’t had many medical issues or procedures and I only take a few supplements but if my husband needed to give that information to someone, he might struggle a little.  Hopefully he never needs to reference it but its there just in case.  Its really a good idea to do this and I strongly suggest that everyone take the time to write out your medial history and list any meds/supplements you are taking and give it to a loved one or two.  Better safe than sorry.

So that’s January.  I’m looking forward to what February might bring.  Once again I only have one half marathon scheduled.  They are difficult to come by here in the Midwest during the winter.  And my birthday is in February!  Most people dread getting older but I say BRING IT!  It sure beats NOT getting older.  Red heart Birthday cake Gift with a bow

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