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Red Dress Dash

February 4, 2014


I was reminded about the Red Dress Dash via a post on Facebook.

From their Facebook page: Throw on your favorite (or not so favorite) red dress over your winter clothing and Dash around Monument Circle in support of women’s heart health. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, we need your support to fight the No. 1 killer of women - heart disease. The first 50 participants to complete the dash will receive a goodie bag.

I also did this event last year.  And just like last year, I waited until the night before to “put together” what I was going to wear.  I was tempted to just repeat last year’s outfit but I didn’t want the Fashion Police to call me out for wearing the same thing twice.  I had a red dress in my closet that I wore to an America China Society of Indiana event but the “pleather” portion of it got a little jacked up once it was dry cleaned and since I doubted that I’d ever wear it to something fancy again, it seemed like the logical choice to use.  I tried it on to make sure that I could run in it and it was perfect!  But since it was sleeveless and the morning temperature was predicted to be about 20 degrees, I figured I’d better put something on underneath.  I had a long-sleeved white T-shirt but it needed jazzed up.  So at 8:00PM Monday night I got in the car and headed to Party City and Walmart!  I picked up a red hat and some red heart sunglasses at Party City (never wore the sunglasses)  and got some Red Heart Tape at Walmart.  The tape worked out better that I had expected.  If you look closely at the neck, it doesn’t really match up but the sleeves were easy.


The event time was listed as 8:00AM but I knew (from last year) that the “run” would not start at that time.  Still I wanted to be there on time.  Plus I’d get a goodie bag if I was one of the first 50 people!  I parked in my work parking garage and walked over.  It isn’t far but it was cold.  I only wore a light jacket because there really isn’t any place to store anything inside so I didn’t want to have to hassle with bringing too much stuff.  Once inside the building (Emmis Communications) I signed my waiver, got my goodie bad (YAY!) and then just waited for things to start.

I saw that the firemen from last year were there again and had my picture taken with them.  The guy that took it for me wasn’t the most pleasant person and I think he was annoyed that I asked, thus I don’t think he cared how it turned out and it’s a little blurry.  Also, there wasn’t much room to get us all in!


The program started with several performances from the dance teams from the high school by where I live.  Then one of the local news/weather personalities began the other formalities.  Then governor's wife spoke and talked about the heART work that she did.  She took our state flag and fashioned the 19 stars into a heart around the torch. This is what the flag normally looks like:

And this is her “heart/heART” version:


Clever idea in my opinion.

It was then time to go outside and run (or walk) around the circle.  I purposely wore my Garmin so I would know the distance and completely forgot to turn it on.  #fail.

This “race” isn’t a competition.  Although last year I finished first so, yeah, it WAS a competition.  But this year 3 of those young dance team whippersnappers finished before me.  Hmmm…I still say that I “won” because I was the first RED DRESS to finish.  Lets be real, everything IS a competition to some degree. Winking smile

Here are some photos from the Red Dress Dash Facebook page:


I was a little worried about my red chapeau but it stayed on fairly well.  I only had to hold it once on the northern side of the circle where the wind can be stronger swirling around the buildings.


I went back inside to get warmed up a little bit then went and had my complementary picture taken.  It’s a little washed out but…it was free.


I also had this one taken of me and the red dress sign:


I love this picture of the Indianapolis Power & Light Building.  They always have different “light displays” depending on what is going on downtown.

IPL building

It would have been better having someone to do this with me.  So next year I hope my friend SJ(C)P will do it.  She mentioned that she thought it looked fun.  Most importantly I do this event because it is important to me.  My family has a long history of heart disease so I try to participate in many of the things that the American Heart Association put on.  Keeping my ticker in shape is one of the most important things that I can do for myself.  I’m glad that running helps me with this.  And of course I take my blood pressure every month. 

2014, 01-13 (2)

Do you know your numbers? 

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