Thursday, February 6, 2014


February 6, 2014

Well, THAT has never happened before.

I should be putting the final touches on packing tonight and getting ready for a half marathon in Marion, IL.  I was to leave tomorrow around noon, drive to my hometown to pick up my brother and then head to southern Illinois.

But the Midwest was hit with another round of winter storms this past weekend.  Now the word from the race yesterday was this: Status Update: To address all the question we're getting, the race is NOT canceled. There may be some ice on the pavement, but we'll try to provide as many updates as we can in the coming days.

However today around 3:00PM, this was the Facebook post: Status Update: The Fly with the Eagles Half Marathon has been POSTPONED BY ONE WEEK to February 15th.
After a review of the course with officials from our sponsoring club and from the The National Wildlife Refuge System, we were forced to take this action to ensure the safety of runners. We apologize for the inconvenience, and very much wish we could hold the race at the original date.
If you are unable to attend on the new date, please let us know here or by emailing We will make efforts to provide everyone who pre-registered with a race sweatshirt.

I immediately called my brother and double checked his work schedule.  Luckily, the following weekend is a non-working weekend for him.   Sadly, it does fall on Valentine’s weekend now but my husband and I don’t got out anymore. Its usually a nice dinner at home instead.  I’m sure he won’t mind delaying it one day and celebrating on Saturday (maybe even Sunday) now instead.

My next fear was about my hotel reservation.  Thankfully, I booked at a slightly higher rate ($15, I think) so that I had access to free cancelation but never thought I’d have to use it.  So after speaking with my brother I immediately called the hotel.  The lady on the phone was super nice.  She said there was no problem switching the date and my rate would stay the same.  WHEH!

Guess, I’m going to have to do a longish run at home this weekend now.

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