Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Closed For Business

January 7, 2014

Well the weather forecasters did not lead us astray.  That was one big ol’ winter storm that hit.  At our house we got between 12 & 13 inches of snow on Sunday and then the temperature began to fall – quickly and dramatically – on Monday.  My place of employment followed what the city government was doing so we were shut down Monday and today.  Although the roads have been mostly cleared, I think the concern was because of the temperatures remaining in the negative degree category. 

This has made for some funny humor on Social Media:

Snow Storm 2014 (4)Snow Storm 2014Snow Storm 2014 (3)Snow Storm 2014 (2)

But it also made for some great snow pictures around the area.

These photos below are from Sunday, the day the snow arrived:


It also meant that the satellite dish needed cleaning off several times throughout the day.  Doesn’t the hubs look cute in MY jacket? Smile with tongue out


And the dogs got to have some fun!


It continued to snow for 9+ hours and only let up a couple of times.  We did the best we could to stay on top of keeping it cleared.  It was a heavy wet snow…perfect for making snowpeople.   You could hear the delightful giggles and cheers of children playing in the snow while at the same time the grunts and groans of adults while shoveling.

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