Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Storm of Biblical Proportions?

January 04, 2014

Its coming folks!  The weather people say that it is!!  And according to the maps, it really does look like we’re gonna get clobbered AND its gonna be STUPID COLD!


Wind Chill 1

Wind Chill 2


Normally I do our weekly grocery shopping on Sunday but the snow portion of this storm is supposed to start Saturday night/Sunday morning.  So I stopped in the Kroger by our house just to get some essentials and plus we were out of some items.  I couldn’t believe how crowded it was on a Friday at 2:00PM!!  Every cashier was open including all of the U-SCAN registers and they were all about 6 people deep.  C R A Z Y!

Then today on Facebook everyone has been commenting on how the stores are still crowded and out of most supplies.  So this evening, I thought I’d venture out and take a look…and take some pictures.

Here are the bread, egg, milk and toilet paper aisles at the Target in town.


While I was there I did pick up some tea for my husband because it was the last day for it to be on sale, a can of frozen orange juice, a couple of not-even-close-to-being-ripe bananas and some cherry tomatoes.

And since it was on the way home, I stopped at Kroger. The view was pretty much the same at this store as well.


I went to the milk section first and there were 5 people/couples there astonished that there was NO milk.  One couple said they were just on their regular shopping night - not out preparing for the storm.  Well folks, you picked the wrong night to try to do that.  But I was able to show everyone the milk section at Target that I just came from…in case they wanted to drive down there. 

I’m anxious to see how all of this plays out and I pray for the safety of everyone that it could impact, especially all the animals that are outside.  I pray that people will be smart enough to bring their pets inside.  Dog face Cat face

168 days until summer. Island with a palm treeSun

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