Thursday, August 1, 2013

What happened to Blogging in July?

So I feel like I started off strong at the beginning of July with blogging but then….nothing.  There were a few things that I “did” but I guess I just wasn’t too inspired to take the time to tell anyone about them.  So I guess on this first day of August, I’ll briefly recap what took place.

So my husband was glued to the TV watching the Tour de France.  and when I say glued, I mean that he would watch it in the morning, and then catch a little bit of it again if he came home for lunch AND THEN he would watch the enhanced broadcast each night.  This obviously meant that I caught quite a bit of it as well but some fun/funny things happened during the Tour.  There was a segment called Ask Bobke and my husband suggested that I ask a question.  The very next day, there is was:

Ask Bobke

Ask Bobke Question

Initially we missed it but someone posted on Facebook that they saw it so we sent the DVR to record it later that night.  Not sure why they listed my “hometown” and then spelled it incorrectly but hey, I’ve now had international exposure

And speaking of exposure…it seemed that this was also the year of the Full Moon at the Tour, we saw these on two separate occasions.  It then became a quest to find more on the other days but sadly we did not.

2013, 07-10 Tour de France

Check out the right side of the picture (from 07-06-13, I think)

2013, 07-13 Tour de France

This time they are on the left! (from 07-12-13, again I think)


On Saturday, July 13th my husband and I got up at the crazy hour of 3:30AM to drive up to Muncie, IN to see our friend SJ(C)P complete her first half Ironman.  We didn’t tell her we were coming and she was completely floored!  YAY!! Smile  This was to be a “trial run” before deciding if she wanted to do the full Ironman in Louisville, KY in August.  Although she proclaimed – when she got out of the water and was running up to the transition area –  that she already knew that a full was off the table, she finished this half with a smile on her face.  And as we knew she probably would, after a few days, she was contemplating doing another half Ironman next year for redemption.


Super cute sign that I made for her (if I do say so myself!)


YAY!  She finished and is smiling


Her husband did the race too but it was not his first.

On July 18th we went to a Cocktails and Cupcakes event near downtown Indianapolis.  I was going more for the cupcakes but surprisingly, I did like one of the cocktails they had prepared.  One of the local news reporters has her own cupcake company (  / Sugar.) and she makes the most fabulous miniature cupcakes.  SO GOOD.  She is also a runner and a really nice person.  And these tasty treats were FREE.  Plus, the cupcakes were so fabulous we bought 6 to take home.

On Saturday July 20th, my husband’s bank sponsored a team for the Sprint Distance Triathlon at Eagle Creek Park.  This is the second one in the series of three; we volunteered at the first one back in June.  I was to be the team photographer.  WOW!  That was a tough job.  Most of the pictures didn’t turn out especially when they were on the bikes.  The fact that they all had on team jerseys helped but by the time I could see them coming toward me, it was too late.  Lots of blurry biking pictures.  But the team shot turned out good.


So after this, we come home, showered, took a nap and then got ready to head up north to attend my husband’s class reunion.  It was his 30th as well.  (I had mine back in June.)  Sadly some of the classmates didn’t think the venue was nice enough for the reunion and went to a different location & created their own mini-reunion.  Not cool in my opinion.  Are you still IN high school?  You may never see some of these people again so just “suck it up” for 3-4 hours, don’t worry about WHERE you are but be thankful for the people that you are with.  It was fun hearing some of those stories.  Not that this is a new revelation but…my husband was a pistol in grade school, in middle school and in high school!


That’s me and my husband in the middle.  The guy in the red shirt – that was his shirt when they were Freshmen.  It still fits and is actually loose!


The only other “of note” thing was that we went to a runner’s group meet & greet on July 23rd.  At first there were only 6 of us there but more people started trickling in between 6:00pm & 7:00pm.  It was fun to meet some new people, hear about what got them started running and what their next event was going to be.  Doubt that I’ll ever run with any of these people (they are faster than me) but I’ll certainly go to another social hour!  They took a group photo but we had already left.

So I guess that about sums up the end of July.  Not much too report.  My running was pretty consistent.  According to DailyMile, I finished the month at 77 miles. Just one more day and a little ol’ 3 miler could have given me 80.  Its funny because last year in July when it was the hottest ever, multiple days in the 100s+ and the Midwest was in the grips of a drought I had 104 miles in July. 

Looking forward to flipping the calendar to August so that I will actually have two half marathons on the calendar.  Its been too long!

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