Saturday, August 3, 2013

Indiana State Fair–Trip #1

August 2, 2013

State Fair Logo

Trip #1? 


The Indiana State Fair opened this evening and my husband and I went.  Normally I only go to the State Fair one time each year.  I love to go look at the animals, check out the crafts (I personally won 3rd place one year with a cross stitch entry!), see if there are any “interesting” people cruising the Midway and its my one time a year to have an Elephant Ear.  Oh how I love elephant ears.  Its always our first stop and it is always at the Red Barn.  I won’t buy one anywhere else. 


But this year could have me back at the fair several times; there are 3 concerts on the Free Stage that I want to see and one day I might try to take my Mother.  Its been awhile since she’s been.

Karmin was on the Free Stage this night and I really like them.  My husband, who wasn’t very familiar with them even came away impressed with the group especially with Amy and how well she sings.  You know a band or performer is good when they sound just as good live as they do recorded (…unlike Taylor Swift!)




After the concert we made a lap around checking out the people and what other food to eat!  Kettle Corn was next on the list and then we decided on a Strawberry Lemonade.  Both of these plus the Elephant Ear, we shared and we always go back to the same stand that we purchased from the year prior…once you find a good thing you stick with it!

The last trip was through the Midway.  I especially love all the bright colors and twinkly lights once it starts to get dark.




Surprisingly the Fair overall wasn’t crowed and the weather was great; cool with just a some slight sprinkles when we first got there.  Not sure if the fact that there WAS a forecast for rain kept some people away or the fact that there was also some kids concert (Big Time Rush) at the outdoor venue on the east side of town.  Thus some of the families might have been up there for that.  Fine with me.  It made for a wonderful Opening Day Fair experience.

This year it is the year of Popcorn…which I also love but sadly they weren’t unveiling the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball until Saturday, the 3rd.  Oh well, just one more reason to go back.

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