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Indiana State Fair–Trip #3 Family Invasion

August 13, 2013

Awhile back I told my Mom that I would take her to the State Fair this year.  Its been a long time since she’s been but I said we’d wait until we had a better idea what the extended forecast was going to be in hopes that we could pick a day with good weather.

Then my oldest brother sent an email to me and my other brother, taking about trying to get all three of us together to take her to the fair.  Now in theory, this is a good idea but my oldest brother (SM) works non-stop and when he isn’t working his “regular” job, he is referring or umpiring some sport or playing pickleball.  And then an even more difficult schedule would be that of my other brother (KM) because he works nights, 4 day on-4 days off.  Looking at his schedule, KM only had two options but luckily SM and I were able to work it our with our schedules so the day was set.  They would pick her up, drive over here and then I’d ride to the fair with them since KM’s car would already be loaded.  I told a little white lie (shhh…don’t tell them) & told them I won tickets from a local radio station when actually I just went a head and bought all the tickets.

Well, the weather couldn’t have been any better.  It was actually slightly cool to start.  They got to my house around 10:30am and after taking a quick bathroom break, we were on the road for the short 30 minute drive to the fairgrounds.  We were going on a Tuesday and some of the schools were already back in session so I thought the crowd would be light but you should have seen the line of cars to get in.  Little did I know that it was $2 Tuesday, so admission was only $2 (guess I shouldn’t have purchased those tickets in advance!) and some of the food stands were selling smaller version of their food for $2 as well.  But the entire time we were there, it never really seemed crowded.  My Mom swallowed her pride and allowed us to push her around in a wheelchair.  This would definitely help her get around and make things go quicker.

2013, 08-13 (3)

We first stopped in the Arts & Crafts pavilion so that she could she the crochet work, the quilts, paintings and photography exhibits.  There were some antiques in there too and we did some reminiscing about our Dad.  Next we stopped for lunch.  We found something for her to eat first and then once she & I settled in at a picnic table, the other two went off to find there choices.  They returned with food in hand and then I went to get mine.  I actually went “healthy” and got a sliced turkey sandwich…but also got a strawberry lemonade!  Open-mouthed smile

After lunch, we went to the pig barn to see the babies (we bypassed the cows & horses) and then continued around to the petting “zoo” area.  I think she had the most fun here.  We bought some of the kibbles and the carrot chips so that she could feed them.  We found another area with pigmy goats that she enjoyed as well.  Then we went into the area that had all the fish.  Again this brought back many memories of my Dad for all of us. 

2013, 08-13 (8)2013, 08-13 (9)2013, 08-13 (17)

2013, 08-13 (18)

While this doesn’t seem like we did much, she was ready to go.  But I had yet to see the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball.  So that was our last stop.  Although we went in the wrong building at first, we got to see the cheese sculpture…so there’s that.   Finally found the popcorn ball.  Sadly I didn’t get a really good picture of it because I hadn’t noticed that my camera was on the wrong setting.  And there were people there acting like it was a photo shoot with that thing.  They wouldn’t move!  Seriously people there are others here too.  Take 1 or 2 shots and then move on!

2013, 08-13 (10)2013, 08-13 (11)2013, 08-13 (14)2013, 08-13 (15)

It was a good day.  The four of us had never been to the fair together.  And rarely do we even get to do ANYTHING together.  It sure would have been even better if my Dad had still been alive so that he could have gone too.  They dropped me off at home and then headed back to our home town.  I was suppose to run later in the evening but I was seriously so exhausted from the day, that I feel asleep early.

She said that she had a good time and that was what the day was all about.

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