Friday, August 30, 2013

Gone Country (loaded with pictures!)

August 24, 2013

Through my husband’s work we were able to get box seats and VIP parking for the Little Big Town & Keith Urban Concert.  I must admit that VIP parking is the only way to go.  You can get out of the Klipsch Music Center with a lot less hassle that way.

VIP Status (1)

VIP Status (2)

Since we live nowhere close to the venue we left very early, especially since we weren’t sure of the road construction situation.  Thus we got there about 30 minutes too early.  But I’d rather be early instead of stuck in traffic and pressed for time.  Once the gates opened we went in and claimed a table and my husband had a beer or two.  We were meeting one of his clients (& his wife) there and once they arrived we ordered some dinner.  We stayed in the VIP lounge and didn’t go out to listen to Dustin Lynch but got to our seats just in time for Little Big Town to take the stage.  They played for about 45 minutes and put on a great show.  They killed Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”.  It was amazing.

Keith Urban (221)Keith Urban (222)Keith Urban (227)Little Big Town (8)Little Big Town (11)Little Big Town (18)

Keith Urban took the stage about 30 minutes or so after Little Big Town.  I’ll admit that initially I was there mostly to see Little Big Town. But Keith Urban really surprised me. Not that I don’t like him but I guess I was just mostly indifferent.  I really liked that he started the show with the house lights still up and he just walked out on stage with a banjo and started playing.  Then one by one, his band joined him.  Eventually the house lights were off and it was on.  I didn’t realize how good he is.  He is really talented and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire set.  It was nice that for one song he brought Little Big Town back on to sing with him and then later he did the same thing with Dustin Lynch.  AND…since he was in Indiana, he brought Larry Crane out (from John Mellencamp’s band) and they played the Authority Song.  It rocked!  He and the band transitioned twice during the concert out to the B-Stages in the lawn as well.

Keith Urban (4)Keith Urban (5)Keith Urban (16)Keith Urban (20)Keith Urban (33)Keith Urban (37)Keith Urban (38)Keith Urban (44)

Keith Urban (53)

With Little Big Town

Keith Urban (77)Keith Urban (79)Keith Urban (81)

Keith Urban (90)Keith Urban (101)

With Larry Crane

Keith Urban (106)Keith Urban (118)

With Dustin Lynch

Keith Urban (138)

Keith Urban (148)Keith Urban (149)Keith Urban (151)Keith Urban (195)Keith Urban (197)Keith Urban (201)Keith Urban (219)

And when he was done – after his encore – he stayed on stayed and signed autographs for the people up front.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a big time star do that.  Class act, Mr. Urban.

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