Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Brother Little Brother

August 10, 2013

My husband and I don’t have any children (by choice) so he is a volunteer with the Big Brother Big Sister organization.  His current “little brother” was chosen to be the Finish Line Honorary Ball Kid at the (WNBA) Indiana Fever game on Saturday night (08-10-2013).  So my husband and I along with his “little” and his Mom went to the game.  We needed to be there when doors opened but we were a few minutes late. 

2013, 08-10 (1)

In the Entry Pavilion

His little was a tad bit nervous about doing this but he did a great job…although he really didn’t have to do anything at all.  At halftime, the camera people shoot him bouncing the ball and put the shot up on the big screen.  Sadly they misspelled his last name.  Basically he was done at that point so we were just going to head for home.

2013, 08-10 (1a)     2013, 08-10 (2)

2013, 08-10 (4)     2013, 08-10 (8)2013, 08-10 (10)    2013, 08-10 (11)

Mascot foolishness

2013, 08-10 (15)

On the Big Screen

But since I use to work there, one of my friends and former department mate took us on the backstage tour of the building.  Some of this was even new to my husband since he hadn’t been there since the building was upgraded to HD.  I must admit that while I don’t miss all the long hours and being there for days in a row – including weekends – I do miss most of the people.  And really miss being able to be the one that could take people on those tours.  Its part of the whole process (and part of the building) that almost everyone never gets to see or experience.  I was thankful to be able to tag along tonight; it also allowed me to see some of my friends that I rarely get to see now.

2013, 08-10 (18)    2013, 08-10 (19)

Pacers Player Parking area

My husband’s little brother is a great kid.  He’s smart, likes sports and is very polite.  His Mom has done and is doing a great job with him. 

2013, 08-10 (9)

With his Mom

She says that we are part of their family.  Smile

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