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San Francisco!!!

September 13, 2013

My husband and I were in San Francisco back in 2010.  We were there on the front end and back end of our trip to Yosemite.  I was looking forward to going back because there were some things that we didn’t get to do.

My husband wanted to leave Las Vegas early Friday morning (6:30AM) because he didn’t want to get caught in rush hour traffic in San Fran.  So left early we did.  UGH.  It was mostly an uneventful drive. 

2013, 09-13 (Susan's Phone 1)2013, 09-13 (Susan's Phone 2)2013, 09-13 (Susan's Phone 7)2013, 09-13 (Susan's Phone 9)2013, 09-13 (Susan's Phone 11)2013, 09-13 (Susan's Phone 12)

We checked in at the hotel, unpacked and then rested for a bit before heading over to his Aunt’s house.  He met her last year but this would be the first time for me to meet her.  We weren’t there very long – maybe a couple of hours – and then it was back to the hotel for bed.  EXHAUSTED!

We allowed ourselves to just wake up on our own Saturday morning.  After a quick breakfast stop at the Denny’s near our hotel, we headed out to spend the day in the city.  As I said, there were a few things on the list that we didn’t get to see when we were here in 2010, so that’s what we tried to take care of first.

First stop was the Painted Ladies.  Maybe it was because it wasn’t sunny but we both agreed that they weren’t as pretty as we were expecting.  Have the pictures we’ve seen been photo shopped?

2013, 09-14 camera (4)2013, 09-14 camera (6)

Next we were on the hunt to find the Big Arm Chair at the Clift Hotel. I knew about this because a friend had posted it on her Facebook page but we didn’t have the time to look for it in 2010.

2013, 09-14 (camera 7)

2013, 09-14 (camera 11)

The last driving destination was to Lombard Street.  It was shorter than I thought it was going to be but I can now say that I’ve been down it.  We then parked to take some pictures of it from the bottom.  I wonder if there is NEVER a line to drive down it.

2013, 09-14 (camera 13)2013, 09-14 (camera 14)

2013, 09-14 (Susan's Phone 4)

We then drove to a parking garage and headed to Fisherman’s Wharf.

2013, 09-14 (camera 45)

I definitely wanted to have seafood for lunch - or dinner - so as we walked by restaurants, we were making mental notes.  But first we went to Ghirardelli Square.  They were having their Chocolate Festival but we didn’t buy tickets.  We checked out the old factory and I was pretty sure that we would be back later for some chocolatey goodness.

2013, 09-14 (camera 18)2013, 09-14 (camera 19)

2013, 09-14 (camera 20)

2013, 09-14 (camera 21)2013, 09-14 (camera 22)

We headed back down to Pier 39 to see if we could catch some of the America’s Cup racing.  We got lucky and actually did get to see some of it.  We don’t know anything about this race but its kind of cool to say that we saw it.

2013, 09-14 (camera 27)2013, 09-14 (camera 30)2013, 09-14 (camera 32)2013, 09-14 (camera 39)2013, 09-14 (camera 42)

We were also near one of the piers were the seals congregate.  We only got to see them in the dark in 2010 so I’m glad we got to see them again!

2013, 09-14 (camera 26)

The other thing that I’ve always wanted to do was ride a Trolley Car.  I know that it wasn’t about San Francisco but I’ve always envisioned channeling my inner Judy Garland and singing “Ding Ding Ding Went the trolley” (from Meet Me In St Louis) while standing on the side!  We had to wait in line – and it took longer than I expected – but there was a guy/street performer playing the guitar & singing while we waited.  He wasn’t a very good singer but he was funny.  Once we finally boarded and the trolley took off, I softly sang.  Check that off the ol’ Bucket List!  Smile NoteThumbs up

2013, 09-14 (camera 50).

2013, 09-14 (Susan's Phone 6)

2013, 09-14 (camera 55)  2013, 09-14 (camera 57)

So….the trolley ticket that you buy is just a one way ticket.  Best plan would be that we’d get another ticket and ride back.  But there were some issues at the other station, one of the trolleys had broken down and the line was extremely long.  Thus we decided to walk back.  We thought we’d walk until we got tired and then maybe take a taxi the rest of the way.  Part of our journey back was through China Town and they were having their Autumn Moon Festival

2013, 09-14 (camera 58) 2013, 09-14 (camera 59)2013, 09-14 (camera 60)

2013, 09-14 (camera 61)

That place was PACKED!! I thought we’d never get through there.  But the next thing you know we were actually pretty close to the Wharf (thanks to my sense of direction NOT my husband’s…I’m just sayin’) so we just continued to walk.

We decided to have dinner at Castagnola's and I got the Lobster Ravioli.  It was pretty good but not as spectacular as I‘d hope it would be.  What was FABULOUS was the sundae that we got for dessert when we walked back to Ghirardelli Square.  SO. GOOD!  Thankfully (and yet, sadly) we shared this monster.

2013, 09-14 (Susan's Phone 10)

2013, 09-14 (John's Phone 4)

After a short walk back to the car, it was time to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Yep, we’ve done that before as well but its kind of a must do when in San Fran.

2013, 09-14 (camera 63)2013, 09-14 (camera 64)

2013, 09-14 (camera 67)

2013, 09-14 (camera 69)

We had such a great day.  And then trying to leave the city was the most excruciating experience ever.  It took us a little over 2 1/2 hours to get from the Wharf area to finally get on the Bay Bridge.  There were times when only one car would make it through an intersection.  There were times when NOT A SINGLE car made it through the intersection.  This exhausted me out more than the entire day in the city.  I was on the constant verge of falling asleep when we got back to my husband’s aunt’s house.

We were headed home the following day Sunday, the 15th.  Our flight was to leave around 11:30AM but since there was an Oakland Raiders home game that Sunday, it was suggested that we get to the airport early to avoid potential traffic.  We didn’t have any traffic issues and found a restaurant that was showing the Colts game which helped pass the time.  Sadly, the Colts lost.   We had just under a 2 hour layover in the Vegas airport and then we were finally wheels down in Indianapolis at midnight.

Great trip.  But always good to be back home

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