Monday, September 23, 2013

Bright Light City (Day 1)

September 10, 2013

Several months back I suggested that we go to Vegas to celebrate my husband’s birthday.  That man loves him some Las Vegas!  So he made hotel and flight reservations and I bought two tickets for us to go see the Michael Jackson “One” Cirque du Soleil show at Mandalay Bay.

Our flight left Indy at 7:25AM (local time) which put us in Las Vegas at 8:30AM (local time).  WHY?  I knew we wouldn’t be able to get our room yet and I was pretty sure that what I would really want to do would be take a nap once we landed but….no.  We had to just check our bags and then walk around the city.  It was overcast and actually drizzly.  The first place we stopped?  McDonalds.  I know, its not Vegas Sexy but we were hungry, it was close and it would be inexpensive.  We had decided to stay at the Aria this time since it is more or less in the “middle” of the strip.  (We’ve stayed at a different hotel each time we’ve been to Vegas)  So we walked all the way down to the Wynn and then decided to head back and see if we could check in.  Luckily we could.  Jessica – who was checking up in – was very nice and upon making small talk, I mentioned that we were there celebrating my husband’s birthday…so she upgraded our room to a Strip view and gave us two complimentary breakfast buffets.  Sweet. 

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 2)

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 6)

Views from our room

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 7)

Got the luggage upstairs and (mostly) unpacked then decided to go back to a bar my husband saw on the way to the hotel.  After a couple of cocktails we decided to head back up to the room, rest for a bit and then get ready for the show at Mandalay Bay.  Plus we needed to find some place to eat.

2013, 09-10 (John's Phone 1)

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 8)

We left the room a little later than I had hoped we would, so I suggested that we just find some place at Mandalay Bay to eat.  The first option we found was House of Blues.  I’d never been there so after a quick check of the menu I found something that would work for me so we stayed there.  It was actually pretty good.

Then it was off to the theatre.  This would be the 4th Cirque du Soleil show we’ve seen in Vegas.  And of course since it was Michael Jackson, I was pretty sure that it would be spectacular.  There was quite the photo shoot that they “make” you go through prior to going to your seat.  Our seats were great; center stage and 11 rows back.  And in true Cirque fashion, there was stuff going on in the inside the seating area prior to the show starting which then most of it also became part of the show. 

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 11)

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 12)

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 13)

Couldn’t get a good shot of this but it is of his glove, sunglasses, hat and sock & shoes.  All four of these would play a part in the show.

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 17)

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 19)

2013, 09-10 (Susan's Phone 20)

Unfortunately, the couple sitting next to me was the MOST ANNOYING and the people behind us kept kicking our seats.  UGH!

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the show. They had several technical problems and there really wasn’t that much “Cirque” in it.  The dancing was prenominal, the music of course was great because it was Michael singing and there were a few special effects that were amazing but it only ranks as my 3rd favorite Cirque show.  Take out a few of the Cirque effects and you could easily see this same show on Broadway.

The best show out there is “O” at the Bellagio.  I just can’t recommend it enough.  Then next is KA at the MGM.  I highly recommend both of them.  But I’m glad I went to see this show.  I’d never pay to see this one again but I definitely would the other two.

We also did not buy any of the pictures that were taken of us prior to the show.  There was really only one that I thought was good enough to get but you could buy just one!

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