Monday, September 23, 2013

Las Vegas (Day 2)

September 11, 2013

So since we were still basically still on Indiana time, after the Cirque show we went straight to bed.  First thing on our minds when we woke up Wednesday morning….BREAKFAST BUFFET!!!  We went down to the buffet in the Aria since we had two free passes.  So many choices and everything we chose was delightful.  And after stuffing our bellies, it was back upstairs for some more sleep.  I mean it was only 9:00AM so we didn’t feel too guilty.

Got up and showered.  They day was still overcast so we decided to head down to Freemont Street.  My friend had ridden the recently added zipline down there the last time she was here and highly recommended it.  Now while everything looks like its close in Vegas, we know that it isn’t.  So we bought bus passes.  Less expensive then a cab ride for sure.  The last time I was in Vegas was November of 2010 when we were there for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.  So we ran through part of this area.  It’s the only other time I’ve seen it in the daylight.  Well, as luck would have it, the ziplines were closed; it looks like they were making them better/higher. 

2013, 09-11 (c) (4)

2013, 09-11 (c) (7)

2013, 09-11 (c) (6)

2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 2)

2013, 09-11 (c) (9)

2013, 09-11 (c) (10)

2013, 09-11 (c) (12)

2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 3)

Where the ziplines should have been.

We didn’t stay down there too long and decided to start walking to Circus Circus.  It seemed “walkable” and we’ve actually never been in there.  Its one of those iconic hotel that could very well be gone soon.

2013, 09-11 (c) (15)

2013, 09-11 (c) (16) 

We decided to find a Circus themed slot machine and gamble a little bit.  Took that $5 and increased it to $6.20 on the penny machine.  Look out…there are two new whales in town!  We were going to hop back on the bus but my husband had just purchased a Sweet Tea and they wouldn’t let him take it on the bus.  So we kept walking.  Next thing you know, we’re back at the Aria.  We were both hungry so we decided to have some lunch at Jean Philippe Patisserie.  We kept it somewhat healthy with our sandwich choices but we also got dessert.  It was ALL absolutely fabulous!

2013, 09-11 (John's Phone 2)

Desserts at Jean Philippes!

We waited in the Sports Book until my husband’s cousins from Arizona arrived. 

2013, 09-11 (John's Phone 3)

My husband wants this TV in our house

They weren’t really sure what they wanted to do so after getting the kids a quick bite a McDonalds, and a stop at the M&M’S store, the kids had gotten tired and bored so they decided to go to Circus Circus.  We didn’t want to go back down there so we  walked with them to the Bellagio, saw one fountain shows and then said our goodbyes.

2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 10)

2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 12)    2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 13)2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 17)

These fountains NEVER get old to watch.

On the way back, we stopped in the Cosmopolitan and had a couple of beverages at the Chandelier Bar.  Mine was so-so, the foam on it was great but the rest of it was just eh.  My husband really liked his and had two. 

2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 19)

2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 4)

2013, 09-11 (Susan's Phone 6)

The Chandelier Bar

Then we decided that we wanted to do a little more gambling.  After getting a gigantic pina colada in a “guitar” from a street vendor, we headed to Monte Carlo.  Once again, the big gamblers that we are, we headed to the penny slots and then moved up to the quarter slots.  We were there for probably an hour or so and gambled a total of $20.  But had a lot of fun and a couple of free drinks.

Then it was back to the Aria and into bed. 

2013, 09-13 camera (1)

2013, 09-13 camera (2)

Great night view from our room.

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