Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Final day in Vegas & finally some sun

September 12, 2013

This was to be our last full day in Las Vegas. Sad smile  As usual, we got up, hit the breakfast buffet and then came back up to nap for just a bit longer.  Luckily the forecast was calling for sun so we were going to make this our “lounge by the pool” day.  Aria has several different pool options and we chose to go to the Liquid Pool Lounge.  You had to be 21 to enter.  There is a sign at the entrance stating you needed to show ID.  Well, I thought that I wouldn’t have to because I obviously (at the age of 48) look older than 21 but they wouldn’t let me in.  So I had to go back up to the room to get my license.  My husband went in to secure our spot.

2013, 09-12 (Susan's Phone 1)

2013, 09-12 (Susan's Phone 4)

2013, 09-12 (Susan's Phone 2)

I must say that I was initially very intimidated.  The waitresses were young and wearing barley there string bikinis.  Could I suck in my gut all day long? 

2013, 09-12 (John's Phone 1)

Tiny Bikini Exhibit A – and she wasn’t even the cutest one Sad smile

But as the day went on, some average body types (and some below average body types) eventually showed up.  Still I wasn’t about to go to the restroom without my cover-up on!  If you click on the link above you can get a great description of this place. I would guess there were mostly 20 & 30somethings there.  There was a DJ that played music all day and we had to “purchase” our chairs.  They were $100 a piece which meant we had to spend $200 in food and/or alcohol for the day!  And those were the cheap seats.  I think the “beds” were $500 a piece and the cabanas were $1,000.  The place was rocking all day; food and drinks nonstop and it was crazy to watch the beverage service being delivered to the cabanas.  THEN…for about 10 minutes each two girls would come out and “dance” (I use that term very lightly) on platforms closer to the DJ area.  There were two sets of girls.  It reminded me of the dancers from the show Laugh In from the 70s – you older readers will know what I’m talking about.

But one of the best things all day was Cory/Corey (not sure how you would spell it.)  Cory had a squirt gun and a whistle and he would walk to each of the three entrances/steps to the pool and dance, waving his squirt gun in the air and blow that whistle.  The funniest part is that our waitress said he wasn’t a hotel guest but that he is there every day and he has become their unofficial mascot.  Cory/Corey must have or come from money!

2013, 09-12 (Susan's Phone 8)

2013, 09-12 (Susan's Phone 10)

2013, 09-12 (Susan's Phone 14)

It was an afternoon of how the other - and younger - half live, that’s for sure.  It was fun to experience but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time.

Later that night we met my husband’s cousin’s wife for dinner.  She had stayed an extra day in Vegas while her family went on to San Francisco.  Nowhere fancy, just Outback, but it was good to get to know her a little better.

2013, 09-12 (John's Phone 3)

It was early to bed since we were checking out and driving to the San Francisco area in the morning.

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