Monday, May 2, 2016

(03-04-2016) On the Road to Little Rock - Travel Day

Allison and I set out on our great adventure to Arkansas on Friday, March 4th.  Although neither of us had signed up to do the 5K on Saturday, we decided to get there Friday night and get settled in.  That way on Saturday we could go back to packet pickup and check out the city at our leisure.  Since Allison was doing the full, we also decided to spend the night Sunday. That way we would be better rested for the long journey home.

I picked her up at her house around 9:00AM and we headed west with trusty OnStar guiding our way.  Surprisingly we didn't make too many stops other than gas and a couple of potty breaks, thus we made pretty good time.

As we were getting closer to the Arkansas line, I noticed that the mile markers along the interstate were in .2 (point 2) increments.  I told her when we reached the 26.2 mile marker we should stop so that I could take her picture next to it.  Initially she thought I was crazy and that doing this would get us killed. But as you can see below, this turned out to be a fantastic photo. And we did not die!
Of course we would still need to stop at the "welcome to" sign.  It is my thing after all.
Once we got settled into the hotel, we walked over to packet pickup. We saw this funny Humpty Dumpty statue along the route and Allison suggested that I mimic it.

Packet pickup was a quick in and out. They had a great setup and getting around was easy. Lots of room to move around. The theme this year was GAME ON and they had all sorts of references to games from my childhood; Mr. Potato Head, Battleship, name a few.

We didn't stay too long at the Expo. We were hungry and the plan was to go back on Saturday anyway when we would have more time and hadn't been on the road for nine hours! I had sent a text to MYMW  and she and her husband were still at the Expo as well but were also about ready to leave.  We decided to meet up and all go to dinner together. Just across the road from the Convention Center was a pizza place called Iriana's and that sounded good enough for all of us.  Allison and I went half and half on our pizza.
After dinner and this quick photo below, we decided to walk a bit of the area and see what else was near by.

I mean, I'm sure I'm not the first person to climb on this rabbit and pretend that it was a bucking bronco, right?

MYMW was doing the 5K in the morning so we didn't stay out too late. Allison and I headed back to the hotel to finish unpacking and getting settled in.

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