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Springfield Capital Challenge 5K – Race Recap

October 18, 2014


That isn't the official logo for this 5K (I don’t think they have one) but its is where the event took place so I’m using it.

In the never ending quest to do 31 half marathons, there has been some juggling of the schedule.  There was a missed race due to a death in the family, one race changed it’s date on me and I still had a few other holes to fill.  I discovered the Springfield half marathon via the RunningInTheUSA website and signed up.  Then I noticed they had a bonus medal 5K challenge event.  What?!?!?!  Even though my hip still bothers me a little bit, the fact that I’ve been putting in a lot of miles and race lately and it would be in-between my back-to-back half marathons…of course I signed up!  Afterward there was also a pasta dinner so I signed up for that as well.  I figured it would just be easier to eat there and get it over with rather than having to look for some place in town.  It was a little more than I would normally spend.  For the 5K and the pasta dinner, my total cost was $61.80.  I did not purchase the extra shirt that was offered.

While at packet pickup I changed into what I was going to wear to run the 5K in.  I’m glad that I asked someone there about how to get to the Muni because the guy told me that the zoo was near by this venue and they were having a Halloween event so I’d need to alter my route.  He was correct.  Between him and OnStar, I arrived without incident.  Although for a brief moment I almost parked near the zoo (not remembering that I needed to continue on) and that would have been almost a two mile walk.  DOH! 

You can read more about the Muni HERE.

I arrived WAY TOO EARLY at the venue but I was in a bit of a “tweener” of going to the hotel or just going and getting parked for the 5K.  And I changed where I was parked 3 times!  I have no idea what my deal was.  But I got out and took some pictures since I had time and before it got too dark.

2014, 10-18 (15)2014, 10-18 (17)2014, 10-18 (18)2014, 10-18 (21)2014, 10-18 (23)

Their restroom facility was open so that was a plus.  I just sat in my car until it was closer to the time to start the 5K.  After one last trip to the restroom, I stood with a group of people and was “eavesdropping” on their conversation and eventually joined in.  This was going to be the first 5K for one of these ladies and tomorrow would be the first full marathon for one of the other ladies.  So we all started talking about this, that and the other; discussing races and distances and Half Fanatics, etc.  It is so much fun meeting new people that enjoy running and running events.

The start of the race was delayed twice (approximately 10 minutes each time) because of the traffic from the event at the zoo.  But eventually we were off and running.  The route was basically a 1 1/2 mile out and back and it was a rolling course but nothing too crazy.There was one water stop which we passed twice.  I took a couple of pictures as we crossed the bridge but I didn’t completely stop so they were super blurry.  This was the only one that was close to being decent…and that’s a bit of a stretch!

2014, 10-18 (25)

I had no game plan for this event.  Basically it was to just get through it.  After all, I had run a half marathon THAT morning and then drove 3 hours to get to Springfield.  I was also unsure what to eat before this 5K and ended up eating 2 peanut butter crackers (from my half earlier) and a partial packet of leftover sport beans.  I don’t know if it was the combination of those items, or maybe I needed to eat more or the fact that I didn’t take an Imodium before the race but my stomach/GI system was in turmoil out there.  I seriously thought that  - for the first time ever – I might have an accident!  I had to start taking walking breaks on the way back in.  The one thing that kept me going was a Mother/Daughter running pair that would run past me but then slow down.  It appeared as though the daughter was keeping the Mom going because the Mom was the one that always made them stop and walk.  Toward the end, they remained in front of me until the last turn.  We were then on the straight away to the finish line so I kicked it in, passed them and crossed before they did.  I got my medal and did a super quick walk to the restrooms.

Sadly I missed my new friend (TS) crossing the finish line but got to see her wearing her medal and being congratulated by family and friends.  She is the one that this was her very first 5K! 

So I dropped some stuff off in my car and then went to get my pasta dinner.  I was sad to learn that the marinara sauce had meat in it so I had to get the Alfredo.  But the breadsticks they had were DELIGHTFUL!

2014, 10-18 (28)2014, 10-18 (29)2014, 10-18 (30)2014, 10-18 (32)

There was a live band on the stage and they were pretty good but I didn’t stay long.  I needed to get to the hotel, check in and regroup before tomorrow’s half marathon.

I don’t even remember seeing a photographer on the course but I love that we were able to download free photos

Look at me …such a serious running face!  .15456072997_1cbc9c1553_oA relatively small but “standard issue” for a 5K medal.zMedals (5)

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