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Purdue Boilermaker Half Marathon – Race Recap

October 18, 2014


I registered for this race on May 31st, two days before the rate increase would take place.  Registration was $50 and with taxes and fees my final cost was $54.31.  The race takes place in West Lafayette, IN which is just over an hour away from where I live so I consider it a local race.  That is also why I didn’t really hesitate to drive up the day before to get my packet instead of waiting until race morning.  I just like having it all before hand!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17th:  Packet pickup took place from 12:00PM-8:00PM at the Four Points by Sheraton.  I had planned on getting up there around 1:00PM by my afternoon meeting ran long thus I didn’t get up there until around 3:00PM.

2014, 10-17 (14)2014, 10-17 (9)2014, 10-17 (11)2014, 10-17 (2)

There wasn’t much of a crowd there and I didn’t have to wait in line at all.  I was tempted to buy a shirt from one of the vendors but passed.

2014, 10-17 (3)2014, 10-17 (4)2014, 10-17 (5)2014, 10-17 (6)

It was very windy on Friday but luckily the weather forecast was looking better for Saturday.  Got back in the car and drove home.

2014, 10-17 (8)

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18th: The race was scheduled to start at 8:00AM and I wasn’t 100% sure where the parking garage was in relationship to the start line so I left my house at 6:00AM.  Originally I thought about spending the night with my best friend who lives about 20 minutes away but since I already had to pack and take stuff with me for the half marathon on Sunday, I didn’t want to pack twice as much stuff and stayed home instead.

For the most part I was out the door on time and after stopping once to use the bathroom on the drive up, I pulled into the parking garage right at 7:30AM.  The forecast looked to be perfect for running.

2014, 10-18 (1)

So I got parked and texted my friend DM to let him know that I was on my way and to hopefully see him before the race.  It was still a little dark as I walked toward the start line at Ross-Ade Stadium.

2014, 10-18 (1)

While wandering around looking for DM, I took some pre-race photos.

2014, 10-18 (2)2014, 10-18 (6)

Finally found DM (we forgot to take a picture) and then he and his friend were going to move up in the corrals.  I needed to use the bathroom one last time so we said our goodbyes.  Oddly, I didn’t see any porta-potties but the gear check table told me the stadium bathrooms were open.  SUCCESS!  Real bathrooms. FAIL! There was no toilet paper and I didn’t look first.  Good thing I only had to pee.  As I was walking out of the bathrooms the National Anthem was being played.  Once that was finished I walked over to get in one of the corrals.

Look – Mario & Luigi are half marathon participants!2014, 10-18 (7)

Then it was time to run….2014, 10-18 (9)2014, 10-18 (12)

This is the first time I’ve run this half marathon (the third year for it overall) so I kept my phone out to snap some photos along the way.  Since this course would be a little hilly, I would be doing a 5K later in the evening and then another half the next morning, I wasn’t about to try to bust my butt out there today.

Course MapPBHM_eval_chart_20142014, 10-18 (24)

Fall in the Midwest is really pretty!2014, 10-18 (13)2014, 10-18 (14)

I ran past this guy during the first mile.  I gave him a High Five as I went by.  It is so encouraging to see people that have overcome obstacles out on the course  Just get out there and try….you never know.

2014, 10-18 (15)

These pictures were taken somewhere between miles 2 and 4.2014, 10-18 (17)2014, 10-18 (18)2014, 10-18 (19)

Thanks for making a sign for me, youngster!2014, 10-18 (20)

This is always another inspiring thing for me to see.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle that for even just one mile.  And when we got to a downhill, he was flying!

2014, 10-18 (21)

Hooray…an original sign on the course!2014, 10-18 (23)

Eventually we headed back toward town and I saw these cute murals.

2014, 10-18 (26)2014, 10-18 (27)2014, 10-18 (29)

Then we were routed through the campus.

2014, 10-18 (31)2014, 10-18 (33)2014, 10-18 (38)2014, 10-18 (39)

Probably between miles 10 & 11, I put my phone away and concentrated schlepping back in toward the finish line.  All things considered, it wasn’t that bad of a finishing time for me considering all the pictures I took and that I really wasn’t focused on effort at all.

Got my medal and looked for places to take a medal photo and a finishers photo.

2014, 10-18 (45)2014, 10-18 (42)2014, 10-18 (43)2014, 10-18 (47)2014, 10-18 (49)

This was a pretty good race.  Well supported out on the course and scenic with all the trees in their various colors.  And although I’m more of an Indiana University girl, I would recommend this race.


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