Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Capital Idea

October 19, 2014

I had planned all along to swing by and check out the capitol building in Springfield on my way home after the half marathon.  I have no idea when I’ll ever be back and I figured I was probably pretty close.  I mean if you’re in the capital city of a state, you should check it out, right? And although I got side-tracked going to see my brother play Pickleball.  (You can read that blog post HERE.) as luck would have it the park where my brother’s tournament was being held was basically on the way to downtown.

The route was mostly signed but I’d also mentioned to the front desk guy as I was checking out of the hotel that I might check out the capitol building and he gave me some directions as well.

Downtown was essentially deserted.  I found street parking south(?) of the capitol and – hooray – it was free on Sunday.  I took some pictures and then walked up to the building to check out the monuments and stuff.  Much to my surprise…the building was open and I was able to go inside.  I could have waited and gone on the next tour but it wouldn’t have been for another  30 minutes and I needed to get back on the road to Indiana.  So I only had access to the first floor.

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But I’ll be honest, this was also a big reason to come here.  I wanted to try and get the medal picture with the Capitol in the background.  I’m still working on mastering this technique but these three came out pretty good.

2014, 10-19 (70)2014, 10-19 (74)2014, 10-19 (75)

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