Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh Brother!

October 19, 2014

So…I’m in Springfield, IL for the 5K and half marathon.  On Saturday night (the 18th) I see on Facebook that my oldest brother was tagged in a post about playing Pickleball in Springfield.  It was late and I needed to get to bed so I decided I’d send him a text in the morning to see if he was in Springfield ILLINOIS.

I return from my half marathon Sunday morning, showered and while packing up my car, I send the text asking the question:  was HE in Illinois because I was in Illinois.  He replied back that he was and also texted the name of the park where they were playing.

However since I’m not familiar with the parks in Illinois, it looked like it was a typo and the guy at the front desk tried to help but he didn’t know what it was either.  After a quick Google search for “Pickleball in Springfield, IL” I was directed to their Facebook page and there it was - the name of the park and the address.  So I gave the address to OnStar and I was on my way.

The park was literally 10 minutes from where I was!  He hadn't responded to my text asking for clarification so I figured he must have been away from his phone.  I did not text to tell him I was on the way (wouldn’t have matter anyway).  I got parked and walked over to the Pickleball courts and there he was.  He missed a shot and I yelled, “Hey Morris.  Get your head out of your butt!”  He looked around and saw me a called for a “family timeout” so he could say a quick hello.  I watched them play to the end of the match (I think they play “matches”) and then he was done for a bit so we talked and take a couple of photos.

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It’s crazy that I never see him even when I go back to my hometown yet here we both were in the same town out of state.

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