Monday, March 18, 2013

Thelma & Louise ride again…

The “new age” Thelma & Louise that is. And by “new age” I mean we are in our late 40s and the car was a Prius! 

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2013, 03-15 (2)

My best friend Mary (who’s middle name oddly enough is Louise) and I road tripped to Chicago Friday night.  I was going up there for the Get Lucky! Half Marathon and she was just being a great friend.  We’ve known each other since the age of 4. 

When I was first eye-balling this half marathon, I asked my husband if he wanted to go.  When I told him that it was in March, in Chicago, he said that I was crazy and that it would be too cold (this would prove to be true) and that he didn’t even want to go up there on a little road trip with me.  LOSER!  But it was fun to go with Mary.  We don’t get to spend much time together anymore so it was a great way to catch up.

The trip up there was relatively uneventful.  It IS Chicago and traffic always seems to be a mess.  Things were probably a little more crowded since their St Patrick’s Day parade was the next day and the Big Ten tournament was taking place up there that weekend as well.  The weather was drizzly and gloomy.   We got checked in and then went down to the Expo to pick up my packet.  She kept trying to talk me in to buying things!  I did cave in and got a cute T-shirt which was only $15 so that wasn’t too bad,  Luckily she had her wallet because I had forgotten mine.  Oops.

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Back up to the room to just relax for a bit and try to figure out what to do for dinner.  Then we got sucked in to watching The Help on TV (I had never seen it) and the next thing you know its 7:45 and we still haven’t eaten or have any idea where to go.

We checked out the restaurant downstairs but not much to choose from and the bar – which was packed – had the same menu.  Luckily, Leon at the concierge desk recommended a restaurant that was just two blocks away called Pazzo's  I was not impressed with the service.  We stood at the hostess table forever before being greeted/seated.  We got water fairly quickly but then no one came by to take our order.  I finally flagged down someone and although I don’t think we were in his section, he did end up waiting on us and did a fairly decent job.  My meal was fair but you could certainly tell it was FRESH pasta and it was really good.  Best part of the dinner was that we had a card for a free dessert.  We had no idea what is was going to be but in was Tiramisu!   SCORE!

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Back to the hotel and it was lights put by 10:15pm.

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