Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ladies that Brunch

Its been quite some time since my high school and college days and seeing friends from those stages in my life doesn’t come as frequently as I’d like.  It use to be that weddings and baby showers brought us together but sadly now, we are gathering because some has lost a parent.

Back in December our friend (MND) lost her Mother.  Many of us gathered at the visitation that night and then went out for dinner afterward.  I went through a phase a couple of years ago where I was pretty good at organizing lunches or dinner with the girls either in our home town or in Indianapolis but everyone is busy and it got more difficult to do.  So seeing everyone again really made me want to get us together under happier circumstances.


So I sent out an initial email and everyone thought it was a splendid idea but then no one would commit to picking a date.  So I had to get bossy.  Our lawyer friend (PEF) graciously said she would host brunch at her house.  I put a few dates down for people to vote on and then we had the date.  Now, what was everyone going to bring.  Again, I had to list everyone’s name and some choices for them to pick from.  Sheesh…its was like herding cats.

Some of the girls couldn’t make it because of the drive and others had last minutes things come up.  Sad smile  But there were six of us (with WAAAAY too much food) and we had a lovely time.  PEF set a beautiful table and was very excited to use her pink china and she made all of us strawberry jam.

006 008

009  015

Once the weather breaks, we’ll try to get another one of these gatherings organized.  Time is too short.

On the drive home, I could see in my side mirror that the moon had risen.  It was a full moon that night and it was so big and bright in the mirror.  There was a beautiful sunset as well. I really should have pulled over to get better shots of them.  The picture of the moon is from when I got home so the majesty isn’t the same as what I saw while it was rising.



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