Sunday, March 10, 2013

A philanthropic and educational night

Last night was “date night” and we were going to go see a movie – something we rarely do but decided to go to a fund raiser instead.
There is a local organization called Mended Hearts.  Their mission: Mended Hearts Indy is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals of all breeds, ages, and capabilities into responsible, qualified homes, while educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership and companion animal adoption.
They were having an event called Cocktails for Canines (which was Mardi Gras themed) at the Indianapolis War Memorial.  So we thought this would be a fun night out while helping a cause dear to our hearts.  We currently have two rescue dogs and our very first dog was a rescue as well.  
There was an open bar (beer & wine so only water for me) and the food was pretty good although some of it was too spicy for my wimpiness.  But they had cupcakes that were divine!
We also had the opportunity to walk around and check out the museum itself.  I had been in there a few years ago but it was prior to a running event so I didn’t check it out.  And my husband was there last year for a Charter School graduation when he was on the board but he had no idea what all was in there either.
The auditorium is beautiful and within the museum there is a section dedicated to every war. 
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There is also as a section dedicated to the U.S.S. Indianapolis which is considered The Worst Naval Disaster in US History.  The story of it’s sinking on July 30, 1945, and the ordeal of the 316 men who survived in a shark-infested sea for days without food or water until spotted by chance because, when the ship failed to arrive on schedule, it went unnoticed by the Navy, can be read here: U.S.S. Indianapolis
You could spend all day there looking at all of the displays and reading the history of men and women from Indiana who have fought in these various conflicts.  I picked up a form to have my Dad’s name added to the Indiana Veterans Database, specifically those who served in WWII.
This evening started out with us just wanting to be philanthropic but it ended my giving ME so much more than I anticipated.

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