Saturday, March 2, 2013


I had a weird feeling, almost like a sixth-sense when I was on the plane coming home from Arizona that I was getting some sort of bug – right then & there!  Airplanes are flying germ capsules anyway but I could just tell; we seemed to sit there too long before taking off, the air swirling around inside “felt” different, the passenger to my right (not my husband) had stinky breath that kept wafting my way.

So the next few days, my head felt a little congested and I had a bit of a cough.  Fast forward to the next week and both of us feel like poop.  My husband had a slight fever – which continued to climb - so he was quarantined in the guest bedroom.  Neither of us went to work on Monday and by Tuesday, his temperature reading was 102.7.   I put my foot down and made him go to an Immediate Care facility.  Diagnosis – the flu!  We now have to Cootie Bug in our house.


So they put him on Tamiflu ($100 for 10 pills & that was WITH insurance) plus one other pill but what am I to do?  Now I’m in full contact with the flu virus with no place to escape.  I’m not a big germaphobe and truly believe that so many people are always sick because they won’t “allow” themselves to be exposed to anything at all to build up their own natural immune system…but this did cause me some concern.  So I went to the store and loaded up on supplies.


I forgot to include the two giant cans of Lysol and Clorox wipes that I bought.

Luckily, his fever broke the next day but he ended up missing work for FOUR DAYS.  That has NEVER happened.  He continued to sleep in the guest bedroom until Friday night and I reluctantly did watch basketball with him one night in the living room…but just to be on the safe side, I wore a mask.


I think we are mostly on the road to recovery.  I don’t think I ever got the full-blown flu.  No, I don’t get a flu shot; our family had a very bad experience with them one year and I’m pretty sure it has scared me for life from them,  Plus, the statistics out today show that the flu shot was only effect 56% of the time. I still have a crazy cough that I can’t shake and I haven’t run in a week!  (Could make for an interesting half marathon in 2 weeks) but I’m going to try to at least walk 4-5 miles on the treadmill tonight.  Maybe I can sweat the rest of this thing out!

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