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Dragstrip Dash – Race Recap

October 25, 2014

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This was the third consecutive year for the Dragstrip Dash and the 3rd year that I did a half marathon the morning OF this race.  The two previous years, I participated in the Muncie Mini Marathon which was only about an hour and a half away.  This year I did the Monster Dash up in Chicago (you can read about that HERE) which was an almost 3 hour drive home.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to rest as much this year prior to this event.

I got home from Chicago around 4:00PM.  I was a little slow moving from sitting in my vehicle for so long but eventually got all my stuff inside the house.  I wanted to leave our house by 5:30PM to get to Lucas Oil Raceway park where this event takes place.  I still needed to get my bib and stuff from my husband.  He needed to be there early since his place of work is one of the presenting sponsors.  The debate was: take a shower or take a 30 minute nap.  Napping won since once I sat down on the bed, it was only a few minutes later and I was asleep.

Luckily I knew what I was going to wear and it was all already out.  I was sticking with the Halloween theme even though it wasn’t part of this event this year.  So I washed off, put on the new running outfit and was out the door on time.

As I was parking, I saw our friends AP, SJCP and their neighbor.  They had arrived just a little before me and were putting stuff back in their cars.  So we all walked back to the track together and just as we were walking up…he comes my husband!

The kids dash takes place first at 6:00PM so while that was going on we took a few pictures and they were asking about the half marathon in Chicago.


The three guys lined up and wanted a picture taken of their tattoos.


It was good weather tonight for the event.  Last year it was cold.


Everyone was doing the 10K but me.  I was sticking with the 5K and I’m very glad that I did.  I was really tired!

So….I was standing with SJCP waiting for the race to start and we are just chatting up a storm.  The gun goes off and its time to run and I notice that I hadn't even started my watch so I told her to go on without me. It seemed like it took forever to load so I actually did the first quarter mile before I could hit start. Although I had no intention of pushing myself, I was even more lethargic than usual.  So I just decided that “it is what it is” and took a few pictures.


I crossed the finish line and then waited there for everyone else to finish.  My husband came in and then AP and SJCP.


Not long after they finished SJCP, AP and their neighbor left.  But she should have stayed around because she placed 3rd in her age group for the 10K.  My husband placed 2nd in his AG.  This was the first year for the AG awards so it took awhile for them to hand them out.  I’m sure they’ll fix that for next year.  Also new this year was a food truck and a cupcake truck.  YAY CUPCAKES!!!  So I got one (chocolate chip cookie dough) to go. 


This is a good event and I hope it continues to grow.  My husband said that registration was down a little bit this year.  We aren't sure why.  

Here is the shirt you get, our bibs and my hubs 2nd place AG medal.


Here are also some fun pictures from the website.CaptureCapture3Capture5

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