Wednesday, November 5, 2014

After Dark at the Children’s Museum

November 01, 2014

Don’t get creeped out by that title.  No children were in harms way…because NO CHILDREN WERE ALLOWED!


I hear that we have one of the best Children’s Museums in the United States.  I’ll just have to take everyone’s word for that because I don’t have any children to take there.  And the thought of trying to see an exhibit while numerous “little ones” are running around – and potentially screaming at the top of their lungs – is NOT our idea of a good time.  I’ve always thought it would be a great idea for them to have an “adults only day” and now…they do!!!  As a matter of fact, this was the fourth and final time they were doing an adults only viewing of the exhibit.  The warriors were leaving on November 2nd.

I just happened to see something about this on Twitter and immediately suggested to my husband that we go.  And so I bought tickets online.  Not too bad; $35 since we aren't museum members but it also got us one complimentary alcoholic beverage (which would probably mean 2 for my husband) and finger food while it lasted.

I had done the Monumental Half Marathon in the morning (read about that HERE) and although it was a cold and windy race and my hamstrings were TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT, I was able to get enough rest before heading back downtown for this event.

We arrived at the Children’s Museum around 6:30PM and there wasn’t much of a crowd there yet. 


First stop was to get our free beverage and as expected, no beverage option for me.  Oh well.  After that we entered the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know anything about these Warriors prior to attending this event. 

005006008Although no children were allowed but someone (my husband) was being childish and photo bombed the picture below.  He’s peeking under the warrior’s arm that is outstretched. 010020021019029023

From a distance you really couldn’t see the cracks in some of these but in others it was very obvious where they were put back together.  Its amazing to think these were buried underground in 210–209 BCE and weren't discovered until 1974 by some farmers digging a well.  You can read more about them HERE.


There were some interactive areas such as this one where you could put on this pretend protective armored chest plate.  How cute is he?


He also tried his hand at the drums.  Stick to the day job, babe! Smile


We then went down to the lower level to enjoy some refreshments. They had crudités and dip, hummus & pita chips, popcorn and an assortment of cookies and brownies – YES PLEASE!  And my husband got his final beer.

Then we went and checked out the Dinosphere exhibit. 

As you entered you walked past the cast of a giant crocodile/alligator thing.


Most of these dinosaur fossil reconstructions are actual bones and only a few pieces in them are casts.  They are actually working on some newly discovered bones in the lab at the museum.

040It was a full moon tonight as we entered the Dinosphere.  Although the display does change to a “day view” while you're there as well.  I thought the moon was cooler.042

And…those were the only pictures I took down there.  My feet were starting to hurt; I wore the wrong shoes and I was starting to get tired and was ready to go home.  There was one other display that we could have gone to (Take Me There: China) but we were both ready to go.  Thankfully my husband picked me up at the front door so I didn’t have to walk as far.

It was a fun night.  As we were leaving I asked the ladies at the entry table if they planned on doing more of these “Adults Only” nights and they said they would be.  I’ll be keeping my eyes open for those.

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