Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can I be a good leader?

Last night was the first night for a new training group in Indianapolis.  The Circle City Go Girls.  Although having 22 half marathons and 2 full marathons under my belt, I didn’t feel like I NEEDED a training group but was hoping that I could participate in some way.  I really want to help encourage people to reach for new dreams.

This is a Women’s Only group and it’s very reasonably priced compared to other training programs in town.  I really hope it catches on and becomes successful.  Typical format on Mondays will first be a meeting that each week will discuss a variety of topics; shoes, bras, nutrition, etc. and then there will be a group run or walk afterward.  Initially I was asked to lead one of the running groups after the meeting but I’ll admit that I was super nervous about putting that kind of pressure on myself even if I was with the slower runners.  So I said that I would work with the walkers.  I started this half marathon journey as a walker and they need love and encouragement too.  Plus hopefully I can instill in them some good etiquette while they’re out on the course.  Sadly many walkers do not have this: walking 3 or more across even if someone is coming at them, starting in an unrealistic pace corral, etc.

We had a group of 15-20 walkers and we were aiming for a 25 minute walk.  It had gotten dark so we really had to be cautious of icy spots.  I tried to do a good job of alternating between walking with the ladies up front and then joining those in the back as well.  It was nice afterward to hear the girls in the back thank me for checking in with them too. 

An optional group run/walk will also take place on Saturdays.  Although I won’t be able to be there every Saturday because of my own race schedule I will be there for the ones that work   Look like I’ve got a full 12 weeks ahead of me and I’ll need to rethink my running on Mondays now but I’m looking forward to it.

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