Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The alarm went off waaaay too early at 2:45am Friday morning.  Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00am and my husband likes to make sure we get there plenty early.  Plus, I needed to do a few more last minute things in & around the house before we left.

The flight wasn’t very crowded so we had an empty seat between us.  NICE!  Landed in Phoenix, got our rental car (a Dodge Charger – nice ride I might add for a sporty car) and we were off.  Our first stop was at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona.  My husband’s uncle is buried there.  (well, technically our first stop was McDonalds; we were starvin’ Marvins)

006    011

Next we were headed to our friends Paul & Kelli’s house.  I hadn’t seen them in over 11 years and had never met their children.  We just hung out in the sunshine by their pool until Paul came home from work. (It was in the 20’s back in Indiana so this was very refreshing to do in February.) 


Although a day earlier than normal, my husband began “carb loading” by drinking Michelob Ultra.  And he carb loaded A LOT.  Paul got home and we loaded up the kids and headed to Red Lobster for dinner.  We lucked out and got seated in less than 20 minutes.  On a Friday night around 6:00pm, that is unheard of and I felt the dagger stares from the other people waiting.  Back to P & K’s and just hung out.  I “rassled” with the boys a little bit – trying to work off those THREE cheddar biscuits I ate.  So. Darn. Tasty.  Then it was early to bed for us.  We’d been up for 19 hours & we were exhausted.

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