Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Final Day in Aruba

Today was bittersweet; our final day in Aruba. But that wasn't going to stop us from spending a little more time at the beach!

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We staked claim early on our favorite beach chairs and then went to breakfast.  We wanted to try to get our picture taken by this webcam thing they had there but we weren’t really sure how it worked and we wouldn’t know if it was a success until we got home.  (Sadly, it was not a success). We were able to stay at the beach until 10:30 but then we needed to shower and finish packing.

We had plenty of time before needing to get to the airport so we walked around outside and took pictures of the foliage and some more lizard/iguana things and spotted a very colorful bird in the tree.  I wasn’t able to get close enough to get a really good picture but did the best that I could.

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We were a little worried about how things worked getting OUT of the country.  I claimed that I had an apple with me and while they appreciated that I had claimed it, they wouldn’t let me take it.  Then John got “flagged” and had to go through a different scan and they went through his luggage.  This was our first time traveling internationally post-911 and we were thankful that all of this happened while still in Aruba because we had very little time between flights once back in the States.

The flight was crowded from Aruba to Newark but we had all sorts of room on the flight back to Indy.  We both had our own row!

We arrived home around midnight (or slightly after) and even though I was tired, I was still wound up and actually started some laundry and put a few things away.  Monday was to be a vacation day for me and I was very glad that I would have that extra time.

Aruba was a great vacation and we were there just long enough.  I think if we’d been there a couple days longer I would have gotten bored.  There were more things to do there (parasail, catamaran) but we’ve already done those. 

Best part of coming home is being back with our babies!

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