Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jingle All The Way

So…just coming back from a tropical vacation filled with lounging around most of the day while consuming frozen adult beverages and only getting one “quality” run in is NOT the best training plan prior to a 10K.  But hey, the entry was free and I’m all about making runs fun and not putting too much thought or worry in to what my finishing time will be.

The Jingle Bell Run/Walk benefits the Arthritis Foundation and my husband’s work sponsored a team.  The event takes place downtown and didn’t start until 9:00am so it was nice not to be rushed or have to get up super early in the morning.  And parking was free in the garage attached to the Fieldhouse – so there’s another WIN!

I miscalculated what day the early packet pick-up was so we had to wait until we got there to get everything.  This didn’t sit well with me since I wasn’t sure what the shirt would look like and if I would want to wear it.  So I found a retro Santa shirt the night before at Target that was perfect for the race.

After getting our packets and putting our bibs on, John took the bags back to the car.  I saw a couple of friends and former coworkers (Courtney, Jerry & Janae’) so that was fun.  I miss a lot of the people there but certainly not the hours.

2012, 12-08 Jingle Bell Run (2)          2012, 12-08 Jingle Bell Run (3)

As we were hovered in a doorway to stay out of the drizzle that had started (BLEH!), we saw “Papaw” and he and John would start the race in the same corral – although technically there were no corrals.  The race started late which was annoying since the weather was not being pleasant but once we got on our way, the drizzle stopped.

I don’t remember how far in to the race I was, maybe between miles 2 & 3 and then all of a sudden I felt like I needed to use the bathroom.  I wasn’t an emergency situation but I didn’t want to wait or have to use a Port-A-Potty.  I noticed that a restaurant was open (Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles) do I dashed in there.  Thank you Maxine!  However, I lost quite a bit of time and it sort of took my head out of it.  By the time I came out, the 5K participants were speeding by.  Oh well, get in the flow and do the best you can.

The course was well marked but since I’m blogging about this so late, I don’t remember how the aid stations were.  Again, since I had lost time when I got to the 5ish mile marker, the family Fun Run One Milers were on the course and clogging up everything.  Tons of kids mindlessly running back & forth and people walking 4 & 5 wide, strollers, dogs, you name it.  But I couldn’t get too angry; it was my own fault to be in this predicament. 

My husband found me as I crossed the finish line and we headed straight to the car to go home. 

Jingle Bell Run Finish

I would do this again especially if my entry was free.

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