Monday, September 17, 2012

Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon

I decided to run the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon sort of last minute.  I’d like to become a member of Half Fanatics and if I did this one and the one in Michigan that I’m already signed up for that would qualify me for entry level with them.  I did the race last year (Inaugural year) and although there were some hiccups (understaffed at some of the aid stations) and it was so hot that it eventually got black flagged, I enjoyed doing it.

Two things that changed this year were the Expo and the course.  The expo was held at the Hyatt.  The promoted it as a “Town of Boldness” women’s themed event but I wasn’t that impressed.  The area where you picked up your bib and T-shirt only had a few vendors in it and the others were up on another floor.  I think it would have been better if it had all been in the same area.  They were giving free massages, manis and a fashion show but I was in and out since it was Friday and I was supposed to be working. Also I wasn’t given a shirt originally and had to go to the trouble table.  I mailed in my entry form and although I marked my shirt size, I didn’t make the check payable for the correct amount.  I wished someone had contacted me and asked about this discrepancy.  The race isn’t that big; I truly believe someone could have taken the time to do this.

This year there was the threat of a torrential downpour.  I was certainly keeping an eye on the weather. But my dear husband -even knowing this information- volunteered once again this year.  Last year he got to be at the finish line and gave me my medal.  This year he was going to be calling out split times.  Oh well.

The radar did NOT look good race morning.  I took a trash bag just in case but there was no need.  But man…it was HUMID!  I was completely drenched in sweat by mile 2 and the air was so thick that when I would breathe in, I had that “rattle” like when you have a chest cold.  Not good.  And because I’m a wimp this took me out of it a little bit mentally. I also hadn’t trained much prior to this race.  I ran so much in July (with my 100 mile goal) and then felt all out of sorts after giving blood; I just didn’t feel like running.

It was nice to see my husband out on the course (twice) since he was calling out split times as the 8 mile marker but this was also near the 4 mile marker.

Anywhooo, I finished the race 2 minutes faster than last year but still not pleased with my finishing time.  JS was still out on the course so I hung out at the volunteer tent until he was done.  It turned out to be a good place to be to get some food (not that I really wanted any) without standing the long line where the other finishers were.

No rain at all today!  But it poured down on Sunday.  Thanks remnants of Hurricane Isaac for waiting one day to get here.

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