Saturday, September 22, 2012

Puppy Love

Dang...I said I was going to be better at Blogging (does it need to be capitalized?) but once again, I suck.

I've got a race recap that I need to do but in the meantime, I will leave you with all sorts of preciousness.  My babies!

This is Patriot our purebred lab.  At the time of this post, he is 9 1/2.  He's been through a lot: Parvo Virus, Hip dysplasia surgery (on both hips) and 3 surgeries on his right knee (ACL, meniscus, and patella) and one on his left knee (ACL).  Yet he has the sweetest disposition and still loves to play.


This is Gipper.  He is a lab/hound mix and is approximately 3 1/2 years old.  He's a rescue dog and he is the "energy" in the house.  He keeps things moving and loves to stir the drink but when he's sleepy, he's loves to snuggle!  He likes to hoard all the toys and can get three in his mouth at one time.  I think with enough practice, he might get 4 in there some day.

And this is Wrigley, he is another rescue dog.  He is approximately 4 years old and was listed as being an English lab.  He is the loner in the family.  He'll spend some time with us but then he'll just go upstairs and go to sleep under the bed.  Sadly, he hates storms and fireworks so he wants to stick to us like glue when those things are occurring.  His foster mom let him bring this blue bone with him.  We call it his Woobie (like the blanket from the movie Mr Mom) because he always carries it around with him.  However, it has broken in two so now its just a Woobie-nub...but he still has a least one of those pieces with him more often than not.

We don't have "traditional" children so these guys are truly our kids.  I can't imagine life without them.

But this is the guy that started it all.  This is General - another rescue dog.  We adopted him not long after we got married and he's the one that showed us how wonderul Labs could be.  He was about six months old when we adopted him and lived to be almost 15.  Having to say goodbye to him 2 years ago was one of the saddest day.  He was a GREAT best friend and will always be remembered.


Do any of you have pets?  (does anyone even read this Blog?)

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