Friday, April 1, 2016

(02/14/2016) LoveStruck 5K

Seriously...this was so long ago. What do I even remember about it?  
I suck at blogging but here we go!

The LoveStruck 5K is put on by a friend of mine. He and his wife own RaceMaker Productions (RMP). I try to do their races when I can.

After the 5K on Saturday (Run For Love 5K), I scurried downtown to packet pickup only to find that there was no packet pickup! RMP revamped their website and it was still incorrectly listed but had been changed to race morning only.  Not that big of a deal except I wouldn't have my shirt in advance - which I like to have. As a token of saying they were sorry, I got an email back letting me know I'd get a free entry to any of the other races that they own. SCORE!!!

This race took place on the southside of downtown Indy. The start and finish was at a bar called Tow Yard Brewing Company. 
Although technically it was "warmer" this morning compared to Saturday morning's 5K temps, it definitely felt colder.  There was no sun and there was wind.

There was plenty of parking and we picked up our bibs and shirts INSIDE Tow Yard Brewing Company so we were able to stay warm until the start of the race and use REAL restrooms.

From what I remember, the race started mostly on time. Several people were dressed in Valentine's apparel. I had on a festive red hat but my race shirt was covered up by my jacket.

The course was basically a 1.55 mile out and back. There were parts of the course that I'd run on before; once during the 2015 Santa Hustle and most recently during the Miler Training series back in February. Maybe because it is still winter and everything is grey and gloomy, there wasn't much to look at and it was pretty unspectacular.

And while this is virtually impossible to actually felt like we were running into the wind the entire time. It also started snowing at one point. Although I was confident that I would have a faster finishing than yesterday's 5K  (since I walked all of that one with friends), I was hoping that I would do better than I actually did. :(

Once again several walking breaks - seriously, during a 5k? - because I haven't trained a bit since I don't know when. 

There were 126 Finishers of this race. The overall winner finished in 19:18.47. That is a 6:15/PPM. I can't even wrap my head around how that is possible.

As I was crossing the finish line, Lee called out my name. As he did, I pointed over to him which is the picture below.  After he realized who I was he also commented that he needed to get with me about that free race entry.
There wasn't much time to dilly dally around afterward, I went into the bar which is where we then got our medal, grabbed a water, a banana and some cookies.

Found someone to take a Finishers picture of me and then I need to hurry home and shower because I was headed to my Mom's house (an hour plus west of where I live) to help my brothers with a project over there.  

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