Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Forgive me Bloggers, for I have sinned…

…it has been over FIVE MONTHS since my last blog post!

Part of me wants to say that nothing has been happening but of course many things have. So to start, here is an overview of the past 5 months. I will follow-up with details in subsequent blog entries.


  • The saddest of all – we had to say goodbye to our oldest dog Patriot
  • But I finally got a job offer


  • I celebrated my 50th birthday
  • I started going back to the Brunch Bunch gatherings
  • Started the new job
  • Went to the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce Annual Auction & Dinner


  • Attended the Indiana Historical Society’s unveiling of “An Evening at Ayres”
  • I was hired to be a Running and Fitness Blogger for the Visit Hendricks County website
  • Did my first half marathon of the year – the No Luck Run
  • Little Big Town meet and greet & concert
  • Another Brunch Bunch
  • My husband had his first colonoscopy (TMI?)
  • Surprise 50th birthday party for a friend (one of many I attended)
  • Dinner with two high school classmates & their spouses


  • The NCAA Final Four Men's Basketball Tournament
  • Carmel Half Marathon – I struggled A LOT!!


  • Had a Senorita Sunday Brunch Bunch at my house
  • Gave up my job as the VHC Blogger Sad smile
  • Seymour Half Marathon – still not properly trained
  • I’ll be doing my first ever (legit) trail run on May 23rd – and shockingly, I still haven't trained!

I hope this finds me back on the road to blogging.

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