Friday, April 4, 2014

Setting new goals

April 4, 2014

One of the original goals for 2014  was to reach the level of Mars within the Half Fanatics club and I figured I could do this by completing the minimum 26 Half Marathons within 365 days.  But I kept eye-balling Earth level.  I would need to only add 5 more half marathons to reach it.  I could totally do that, right?  Well after searching and scouring the Internet for days on end to find local (or at least fairly drivable) races I think I’ve got it figured out.


But to accomplish this I am going to have to downgrade from the Full Monumental Marathon in November to the Half.  So my goal to do a full marathon in 2014 is off the list.  Okay…I’ll admit that I’m not really that bummed about it.  I was trying to figure out how to get marathon training in while still doing all my half marathons and it just sounded like a lot of work.

And bonus, I discovered that I will actually reach Mars after this coming weekend.  Since I did the Southern Illinois Spring Classic last weekend in (DUH!) Illinois and I’ll be doing a race in Indiana THIS Saturday, April 5th and then one in Ohio on Sunday April 5th that combination puts me on Mars as well!   3 half marathons in 3 separate states within 10 days – but I’ll get it done in 7 days.  YAY me!!!


And until I retire or hit the winning lottery numbers (and I don’t play very often so chances are slim), Earth is the highest level I’ll reach.  And looking ahead to 2015, I can concentrate on crossing more states off the list and not do as many half marathons.  But I wonder if doing fewer half marathons is easier said than done.  I do enjoy them!

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