Thursday, December 19, 2013

VIP Reception & B1G Football Championship

December 6-7, 2013

My very dear friend (who is a bigwig within the Big Ten Conference) invited me and my husband to the VIP Reception at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Sadly we got some bad weather Saturday evening so I think their attendance might have been down for the reception.

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We got a behind the scenes tour of the stadium…although I had already seen all of those areas before.  Then there was an open bar and heavy hor d’oeuvres to enjoy.  For dessert…an ice cream bar with some amazing toppings!

2013, 12-06 (31)

Prior to the tour, we got to have our picture taken with the Championship trophy.

2013, 12-06 (32)        Get it?  Get your picture taken HERE.  So we literally took his picture THERE!  We are so funny.

zTrophy photo

Helen was our tour guide.  Bless her heart, I don’t know if she felt rushed or was nervous or what but she didn’t do a very good job.  But glad we went on the tour anyway.

Views from the Media Area:

2013, 12-06 (1)2013, 12-06 (3)2013, 12-06 (17)

The upper suite area level (The Crown Royal Quarterback Suite?)     I don’t remember the official name now Sad smile 

2013, 12-06 (4)

2013, 12-06 (7)2013, 12-06 (11)2013, 12-06 (21)

On the field….

2013, 12-06 (12)2013, 12-06 (13)2013, 12-06 (14)2013, 12-06 (15)2013, 12-06 (16)

Team locker rooms….  

     2013, 12-06 (22)2013, 12-06 (30)

We were also given tickets to attend the game the next evening.   Neither of us has an allegiance to either school but we were cheering for Michigan State.  The section we were seated in was a good cross between both schools although I would say more Ohio State Fans were directly next to us.  But all that rivalry aside, when both bands were on the field together, playing the National Anthem everyone in the stadium was singing.  It didn’t matter what school you were from or what color you were wearing; they were untied in one voice.  And that was pretty cool.  Note

2013, 12-07 National Anthem

Both bands on the field for the National Anthem

2013, 12-07

Michigan State Marching Band – Signature S

By the way…the Sparties (MSU) won.  Big Ten Champs and they're going to the Rose Bowl.   Red rose Red roseRed rose

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