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P!NK–The Truth About Love Tour

November 21, 2013


CAUTION – This post will have picture overload!

We bought the tickets to this show MONTHS in advance and we were really looking forward to it.  After seeing her “Glitter In The Air” performance at the 2011 Grammys I had a feeling that it would be great visual show.

The opening act was The Kin from Australia. Three guys; guitarist, keyboardist and a drummer. The drummer did NOT use sticks only his hands.  That was pretty incredible to see.  They weren’t bad and had a few songs that I “liked” but I would say their sound was similar to a mix of The Police and U2.  I am not a U2 fan so I was ready for their set to be over.

001        004

During the set change, there is a Cirque-like thing that happens.  This guy walks through the audience and interacts with people.  It was entertaining.  He would randomly be part of her show as well.

006        008        012        013

If I remember correctly, she started the show with Raise Your Glass and obviously (as you can see in these pictures) made the kind of entrance I was expecting from her.

018        019        021022024        025                       026

Sadly at times the sound was very distorted (arena issue or show issue?) and not long into the show she sang the Chris Isaak song Wicked Game.  UGH…sorry Pink but it was awful. 

She did a good job of using the entire stage and was very interactive with the audience. 

031        042055        062        068081082

She channeled her inner Sheila E on the drums and also played the piano.  She says that she is always trying to challenge herself by doing something that scares her…thus playing the piano for one of her songs.


She seemed very genuine and like “real, everyday, normal” person that you might know and hang out with.  When we was doing a (mostly) acoustical set she stopped several time when she noticed someone in the audience with a sign and also signed a little girl’s cast.  Total class.


Random Photos:


She did a montage of her 90s hits to end the show:


She then came out for her finale and basically flew around the arena like Tinkerbell.  It was amazing; the best part of the show! As she came by our section she was literally doing aerial cartwheels.  She went to each side of the venue, all the way to the balcony level in the back of the house and to just under the raised center scoreboard in the middle.  Sadly, these pictures (blurry and washed out) will not do it justice.

177181183        185

We seem to be in the minority on our review of her show from others that were there that night.  It was a good show but not exactly the fabulousness we were expecting.  Maybe our “bar” has been set really high because we’ve seen A LOT of AMAZING shows.  My husband gave it a 7 out of 10.  And we were really disappointed that she didn’t sing Get The Party Started.  That was a huge hit for her.  Why wasn’t it part of the 1990s / 2000s montage?  If anything drop the Chris Isaak song and add that in.


However, it was a good night out with my husband.

Have you gone to any shows that you were really looking forward to but walked away a little disappointed?

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