Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Can Do More Challenge (Part 3)

November 21, 2013


I'm not sure when all of this "clicked" for me.  When did it become something that I mostly enjoy?  But I have certainly found myself more dedicated than I've ever been about it.  For example, this past Sunday, Indiana was "on target" to have some pretty severe storms (and we did) so I knew that I would need to get out there and run earlier in the day than I normally do.  Just 2-3 years ago that option wouldn't have even crossed my mind.  I would have know what the forecast was going to be and looked up and saw all of those dark clouds in the sky and figured I run the next day.  Who am I now?

Anyway, back in December 2012 after reading a blog post, I came up with this: the I Can Do More Challenge (you can read about it HERE).  I did 3 half marathons in 14 days; from October 21st to November 3rd.

But what next?  Well...maybe I can do even more?  So in May of 2013, I did my I Can Do More Challenge - Part Two (you can read about it HERE).  I did 4 half marathons in 27 days; from April 6th to May 4th.

Which bring us to Part 3 of the I Can Do More Challenge.  This time the number of half marathons was the same but the time frame was shortened.  I did 4 half marathons in 22 days.

  • The Montgomery Half Marathon (Montgomery, AL) on October 12th.
  • The Indianapolis Half Marathon (Indianapolis/Lawrence, IN) on October 19th.
  • The Muncie Mini Marathon (Muncie, IN) on October 26th - and then ran a 5k later that night!
  • The Monumental Half Marathon (Indianapolis, IN) on November 2nd.

4 Half Marathons within 22 day  Half Fanatics Qualifier for Jupiter (3)

Some of this has been fueled by my membership in the Half Fanatics club and wanting to "moon up."   Sadly, I may have reached my peak for awhile.  While trying to keep an eye on costs and the fact that my husband will start training next May for a full Ironman and so he won't want to participate in "my" adventures, I may be staying on Jupiter (yes, I know that it a planet not a moon...but that's part of the Half Fanatics fun!) until 2015.

2015 is the year I turn 50 and originally I wanted to do my 50th half marathon THAT year but upon further review that would mean I would have to stop doing some half marathons in 2014 because I would get to 50 too soon.  Well....I can't stop running half marathons!  That would be crazy.  So maybe now the goal will be to reach Earth level which means would have to do at least 31 half marathons within a 365 day time frame. 

Next year (2014) the challenge may be to see how many I can still fit in and not have to travel any great distance for and to see if I can do back-to-back half marathons; one on Saturday and then one on Sunday.  Why?  Because I'm pretty sure that I CAN DO MOREOpen-mouthed smile Thumbs up

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