Monday, June 17, 2013

New York, New York

So my husband surprised me with a post on Facebook back in April (maybe, I don’t remember now) saying that he was whisking me away to New York City for our 18th wedding anniversary.  This is a big deal for two reasons; 1) I’ve never been to NYC but have always wanted to go and to see a show ON Broadway and 2) He’s been to NYC once before and did not care for it.  Too dirty, too crowded, too smelly he said.  But that man loves me and was willing to go again.

Friday morning (06-07-2013) we get up and get the final things ready for our trip.  This was one time that we weren’t on a “at the crack of dawn” flight – which perhaps we should have been.  He gets on line and sees that our connecting flight in Cleveland has been canceled.  WHAT?  So we throw everything into the car and head to the airport earlier than we had originally planned.  The lady at the United counter helped us secure getting on a different connecting flight to Cleveland but then we would also have to make a stop in Washington, DC and it will get us to NYC much later.  Originally we were to be there by 5:30pm.  But that’s okay, I mean that city never sleeps, right?  Well, supposedly because to Tropical Storm Andrea EVERYTHING was delayed going east.  Thus our flight out of Indy was now delayed 2 hours.  We finally get on board our plane – a little puddle jumper – and our view is of the propeller.  It felt like it could have the making of a disaster movie! 

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But all was well and we landed in Cleveland around 4pm.  Sadly though we have a 2+ hour layover and I’m sorry but what a dumpy little airport.  We went to one bar so my husband could have a beer but there really wasn’t anything on the menu for me to eat (I know – my problem) and they wouldn’t let me buy the grilled cheese from the kids menu.  Now they WOULD let me by some turkey, bacon and cheese sandwich thing and I could remove everything and turn it into a grilled cheese sandwich but I’d still have to pay full price.  Ummm…no thank you.  I scouted out another bar and when he finished his drink we changed location.  Much better and I had some delightful; hot crab dip and crackers.   Finally it was time to board the next plane headed to DC.  Back in the air at 7:20pm.

It was only an hour flight but….our flight OUT of DC to NYC kept getting delay.  At first the board kept changing to “DELAYED” but then it said they were waiting on a plane.  Where is the plane that was originally scheduled for us?  Did someone borrow it and not return it?  Did the kids take it out for a joy ride?  We were supposed to board this flight at 9:40pm.  We FINALLY got on a plane at 12:39AM.  Needless to say neither of us were very happy.  United Airlines is now on our “Naughty” list.

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Its best that this is what he was able to do in dc.

They said it was raining nonstop in NYC Friday night….and it was still raining as we took the “cab” from the airport to the hotel so….we probably wouldn’t have been able to do anything…but that should have been our choice to make.

So my first 1/2 day in NYC never happened.  It took 12+ hours to get there.  We did a search on  MapQuest when we got home and that’s how long it would have taken if we had driven.  And driving would have been cheaper.

Is it just me or are all flights getting screwed up lately?

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